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Weekly Parent Update

September 22, 2023

Action Items

Student Attendance: Please remind your students that attendance is taken by daily logins into Canvas courses. Your student will need to log in each school day to be marked present. If you need to excuse your student’s absence, please complete and submit an absence request form.

NWEA MAP Assessments due: If your student has not completed the Start of Year NWEA MAP assessments, please contact Audrey Allman to schedule a make-up assessment. It’s important for your student to participate in these assessments three times each year. These assessments help us monitor growth throughout the school year, and they also show us areas where your student may need additional support. The more information we can gather about your student’s progress, the more we can help them on their educational journey!



Now Hiring Adventures Substitutes: Williamsburg Learning Adventures is looking to hire substitutes for our Utah County, Colorado Springs, and Southwest Colorado areas. If you’re interested in joining the team, visit our Job Openings page to learn more and apply.

WAC Parent Resource Page: Please be sure to view our WAC Parent Resource page. Many WAC parents are using our resources, such as the 3-Step Parent Support Plan, and are finding them very useful.


Upcoming Events

September 18-22: Parent Mentor Updates and Parent Mentor Conferences

September 22: WAC Welcome Back-to-School In Person Event – 1:00-4:00 PM MT

October 2: WAC Student Council Meeting – 2:00 PM MT

October 17-18: Midterms

October 19-20: Fall Break




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