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We're Accredited!

Williamsburg Academy of Colorado is accredited through Cognia, one of the world's largest organizations of educational professionals. Cognia is the accrediting partner for over 30,000 schools and school systems.



Colleges and universities recognize credits and high school diplomas earned at Williamsburg Academy of Colorado. Graduates of the Williamsburg Learning program have been admitted to some of the most selective universities in the United States.

Credit earned at Williamsburg Academy of Colorado can be transferred to other schools. Check with your transferring school for eligibility requirements and credit categorization.

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(Note: Williamsburg Academy of Colorado was formerly Leadership Academy of Colorado, as cited in this certificate.)

Looking for NCAA Accreditation?

See our complete list of NCAA-approved courses here.

Have questions?

For questions about earning credit, credit portability/transfer, or accreditation, contact our Customer Support Team at or call 800-200-6869.