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The Williamsburg Curriculum…

…is a hybrid of two models—Liberal Arts (often called Classical Education) and Leadership Training. Next, we add dynamic mentors to guide students through the curriculum. The results are young people equipped to change the world!

Liberal Arts/Classical Ed

At Williamsburg, education is about learning how to think, not what to think. That’s why we guide students through the writings of the world’s best thinkers, through projects that invite them to put ideas into action, and to experience the power of knowledge!

Student using a 3D printer

Leadership Training

At Williamsburg, students step off the beaten path and define their own way. In our proprietary Leadership Program, students learn to make decisions based on principles instead of peer pressure and develop skills to maximize their talents, energy, time, and relationships. 

Student leading others in dance

Dynamic and
Engaging Mentors

We hire teachers who want to be mentors, not blowhards of the classroom. Our mentors ask questions instead of giving lectures, challenge thinking instead of teaching toward a test, and, most of all, invite students to take ownership of their education.

Mentor engaging with online class

What parents and students say about our partner-funded online middle and high school programs:

We offer complete and fully accredited—yet radically unconventional—online high school and middle school programs, all tuition-free to Colorado families! It’s education reimagined to empower your student to thrive throughout life.


About Our
High School Program

Our tuition-free high school program is rigorous, inspiring, and built for the 21st century. Your student will experience a unique mix of liberal arts studies and leadership training to help them live intentionally. Mentors will challenge your student to engage with original thinkers in each subject, including history’s best leaders, philosophers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, and artists. In the process, your student will unlock energy and creativity they never knew they had—and get an education to match their potential.

Our High School Program Includes:

High School Leadership Program icon - belonging


High School Social Studies icon - government building

Social Studies

High School Language Arts Program icon - open book

Language Arts

High School Math Program icon - protractor and ruler


High School Science icon - Physics


High School Fine Arts Program icon - paint palette and brush

Fine Arts

High School PE & Health Program icon - weights and heart beat

PE & Health

High School Electives Program icon - theater masks


Learn more about our high school program  and courses  on the Williamsburg Learning site.

At the start of the semester, I felt incompetent in my math skills. I was too shy to ask questions, afraid of being shut down or judged. But I realized this class was different. I started asking questions, first one or two, then more and more. I began to understand math and grew confident with it. I am proud of my newfound ability to take something I don’t understand and work it out until I can do it in my sleep. None of this would have been possible without an environment where learning felt natural and safe. I am especially grateful to my mentor, who answered my questions (both the smart and the stupid ones) with thought and consideration. I love math now. Thank you!
Claire, a 9th-grade student
Over the course of this school year, particularly in my Social Leadership class, I have spent a lot more time looking inward and into my own behaviors and surroundings. This has been great for me, as I have had the chance to look deeper and gain a greater understanding of myself, how I work, and what I can improve on. Self-mastery has become a very important aspect of my life through this and other reasons, and I've been able to improve a heck of a lot this year and understand more of myself.
Triton, a 10th-grade student
As I have been completing mid-term assignments, I've had some breakthroughs in the way I've been able to juggle work, school, and sports. I felt like this was a Transformational Learning Experience (TLE) because I was able to implement things I've learned in some of my classes to help with stress management and be much more productive. Very cool.
Ashton, an 11th-grade student
I was assigned to be a group leader of the Kurdish Delegation in the UN Peace Talks Simulation in Geography & World Events with Mrs. Stevenson. I was forced to step up and lead my peers, and I learned so much and had so much fun! I got to know my classmates outside of class and I love all of them. Now I feel more comfortable talking on mic during class!!
Amelia, a 12th-grade student

About Our
Middle School Program

Our tuition-free middle school program will help your student navigate the challenges of adolescence and prepare for success in high school and beyond. Through project-based learning, your student will discover the real-world relevance of each subject—and have fun along the way! Mentors will nurture your student’s curiosity and love of learning as they mature, make new connections, and gradually increase their workload. In the process, your student will gain self-confidence and expand their mental and emotional intelligence.

Our Middle School Program Includes:

Middle School Leadership Program icon - hands holding world


Middle School Humanities Program icon - parthenon and Greek vase


Middle School Language Arts Program icon - paper and pencil

Language Arts

Middle School Math Program icon - calculator buttons


Middle School STEM Program icon - microscope and flask


Middle School Program icon - camera - photography


Learn more about our middle school program  and courses on the Williamsburg Learning site.

Attending Leadership class is a transformational learning experience! Everyone gets a chance to lead something—from breakout rooms to a full slideshow! Ms. Tucker makes sure we are nice to each other too, which creates a welcoming environment!
Nolan, a 6th-grade student
When I first started the 7th grade I was really nervous to start the new school year since I didn't know anybody or had an idea what this school year was going to be like, but mrs Burbank made the whole class feel like a safe space to share our ideas and it really helped because i have a hard time trying to share with other people, though the year I grew more confident in participating in class and more confident in myself.
Melinna, a 7th-grade student
I assumed my LA class would be boring, slow, and with lots of homework. It was all of those things except boring and slow. There is a lot of homework, but I learned that it is important, and will help me grow. The homework isn't boring, it is fun! Mrs G. taught me that I can do whatever I set my mind to, and that I matter and my education is important.
Ainsley, an 8th-grade student

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