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Weekly Parent Update

September 8, 2023

Dear WA parents,

As a parent, you want all the information you can get to help your student succeed. With that in mind, starting now, you can request an update from your student’s mentor in one of two formats: email Parent-Mentor Updates (PMUs) or live online Parent-Mentor Conferences (PMCs).

Both PMUs and PMCs will take place from September 18 to 22. To choose the best option for your student’s needs, take a look at their work in each class using Canvas, SIS, or your most recent Progress Report email. Read below to learn more about each option and which is right for you.

  • Parent-Mentor Update (PMU): If you are happy with your student’s progress but still want a personal update from their mentor, request a PMU. The mentor will send you a detailed email describing how your student is doing and informing you of any concerns by September 22.
  • Parent-Mentor Conference (PMC): If you have a specific concern or in-depth question regarding one of your student’s courses, sign up for a PMC. These are 10-15 minute online meetings with the course mentor to get personalized insights on your student’s performance.

Please note that you will receive a separate email next week with links and instructions for scheduling PMUs and PMCs.

At Williamsburg, we believe open, constructive communication is essential to a world-class education. We look forward to meeting with you to make sure your student is inspired, challenged, and engaged!


Ross Gilbert

Headmaster, Williamsburg Academy


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September 18 - 22: Parent Mentor Conferences




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