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Tuition Info

Including Estimated Partner Funding

Most Tuition is Covered by Our Partners

Our public education partners in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, and Utah cover 100% of your student's Williamsburg tuition. If you live in Alaska or California, our partners cover a generous portion of your student's tuition each year. The estimated funding from our partners in each state is as follows:

Alaska: $2,800 per school year (exact funding varies by partner)

California: $3,000 per school year (exact funding varies by partner)

Arizona, Colorado, Idaho & Utah: 100% of your child’s yearly Williamsburg tuition

Please contact your preferred partner organization to learn more about which exact courses they cover and any additional guidelines they have for funding.


Individual Course Tuition Rates

If you live in Alaska or California, you may want your student to take more courses than what will be covered by your partner organization. If so, our tuition rates for individual courses are as follows:

Live courses icon

Live-Online Courses



Self-Paced Courses



Second Language Courses (HS)



Independent Courses


Courses are priced individually, per semester. Our live Study Skills course will be offered free to all students enrolled in Williamsburg courses for the fall 2024 semester!


Flexible Payment Options

Installment Payments

If you're in Alaska or California, and plan for your student to take more Williamsburg courses than your partner funding will cover, you can spread out the cost of your student’s remaining tuition with a series of equal monthly payments. You can extend your payment plan through the last month of the last semester for which you are registering.

(For example, if you register in April for the following fall and winter semesters, you can spread your payments out for up to 14 months—from April of the current year through May of the following year. If you just register for the fall semester, you can only spread your payments out over nine months since the fall semester ends in December.)

If you register for additional classes later, you will have the option to erase your old payment schedule and create a new one that includes your existing and new enrollments. There is no additional cost for choosing a monthly payment plan, as long as you pay on time.

Multiple Payment Methods

Using a credit or debit card, you can pay any tuition balance in full or create a monthly payment schedule. Your first payment will be charged at the time of registration. If you select a monthly payment plan, you can choose the day of the month on which subsequent monthly payments will be automatically charged. 

Payment by check is due in full within 10 calendar days of your date of registration.


Payment Policies

Satisfaction Guarantee

All Williamsburg courses come with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee (effective within 14 calendar days of the first day of the semester). We’ll issue a full refund for dissatisfied students within the guarantee period so you can make sure we’re the right fit. (No refunds will be issued after the 14-day period.)

Late or Missed Payments

If a payment is declined because of insufficient funds, an expired card, an incorrect address, or for any other reason, our system will alert you via email and add a $25 administration fee per declined transaction to your balance. If you contact us within 5 business days to resolve the declined payment, we will remove the $25 fee.


Need Help?

Please contact our Customer Support Team. You can call or chat with us during business hours, or send us an email!