Partner Schools & Districts

Access Williamsburg courses through your local charter school or district

Williamsburg Academy partners with Williamsburg Learning (“WL”), which provides Williamsburg Academy with its curriculum and professional development. WL also works with school districts, charter schools, and charter management companies (“Partners”) as a curriculum provider. If you are a student currently enrolled in a public or charter school, you may have the ability to take Williamsburg courses, depending on the laws in your state and the policies in your school or district.

Below is a list of states where WL currently works as a vendor/curriculum provider with traditional public schools, public charter schools, and school management companies. If you are a student, parent, or school administrator and you want to learn more about using The Williamsburg Curriculum, please contact us. WL is consistently working to offer The Williamsburg Curriculum to more students at school districts and charter schools.

You can view middle school and high school course descriptions on the Williamsburg Learning website.

How Does It Work?

The basic steps are similar for most Partners we work with:

  1. Each of WL’s Partners have advisors who help students know what courses they should take. Call the Partner in your area, get enrolled if you are not already, and decide which Williamsburg courses to take.
  2. Register for classes at Williamsburg. During registration you’ll be asked if there is a third party paying your tuition, and, if so, which one. Select your Partner’s name from the list.
  3. If you are concerned about a Williamsburg class filling up, you can do steps 1 & 2 simultaneously.  However, if your Partner does not end up approving the courses you chose, you will need to make their recommended changes to your schedule or pay the tuition yourself. You also have the option of withdrawing from classes within 28 days of the date the semester begins, which is our tuition guarantee period.

Each Partner has its own policies and procedures you will be required to follow. Many of them fill their seats months in advance. We recommend you contact them as early as possible before the beginning of a school year.


Click here external link icon to view a list of “A-G Ready Courses” that your student can take through one of our California partners listed below:


Students in grades 6–12 who live in Idaho may access Williamsburg courses tuition-free if they enroll at:


Q&A About Credits, Transcripts and Graduation

When my student is enrolled at a charter school or school district and takes Williamsburg courses, will my student graduate from Williamsburg or from the charter or district?
Students will graduate from the school granting their credit. For students enrolled in charter schools or school districts, these schools are technically the credit-granting institutions, so this is where students will graduate. However, all students taking Williamsburg courses are invited to participate in Williamsburg’s graduation ceremony.

What if my student completes all of Williamsburg’s graduation requirements?
If your student has completed all graduation requirements for both Williamsburg and her charter school or school district, in addition to the diploma she will receive from her school, she will receive a Certificate of Merit from Williamsburg and will fully participate in our online graduation ceremony with her peers.

Part of my student’s college application process requires information from a school counselor. Should I contact Williamsburg or the charter or school district?
The school from which your child receives her diploma should complete this form; in most cases, that is the charter school or school district in which your child is enrolled.

Part of the college application process also asks for academic letters of recommendation. Can Williamsburg mentors provide these letters even though my student is a student at a charter or school district?
Yes, unless the form specifies that the letter must come from a teacher at the school from which the student is graduating. We are happy to provide letters whenever we can!

Or, contact us if you have questions about enrolling through a partner school or district.