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Engaging Live Classes

As a parent, you want your student to have meaningful friendships with their peers. You might wonder whether your student is getting enough social interaction, especially in the online classroom. We hear you; we want students to make meaningful connections, too. When you enroll your student through a public partner, your student joins a global community of students who are encouraged to get out of their comfort zones and connect authentically with each other.


Flexible Schedule

Our flexible schedule at Williamsburg means your student has more time to do what they love. Our students play competitive sports, pursue creative arts, and have more time with family and friends. See what this looks like in this video!


We Are “Burgers”

At Williamsburg, our students affectionately refer to themselves as “Burgers” (short for Williamsburgers). Ask any Burger, and they’ll tell you they have developed close relationships with their classmates—including those they have never met in person. Our online classes and activities help students bond, create long-lasting friendships, and build mutual respect for each other. Students, especially those enrolled through public partners, can organize their own local events to meet peers in person!


A Day in the Life of a “Burger”

Want to see what a school day could look like for your child at Williamsburg?
Check out this video:



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