Tuition Rates

An investment that will pay off for a lifetime.

“I have never seen my daughter more excited about learning than she has been while taking classes at Williamsburg. The mentors, projects, books, and assignments are inspiring.”

– Jennifer T., Suwanee, GA

Individual Course Fees

(Fall & Winter Semesters)

Course Type2022-2023
Live Courses$425
Self-Paced Courses$275
Second Language Courses (high school)$275
Independent Courses$200
Outdoor Adventures $425
Note: Courses are priced individually, per semester. Rates for summer courses can be found on the middle school and high school summer schedule pages.

Average Full-Time Tuition*

Williamsburg – per semester$2,100
Williamsburg – per academic year$4,200
Average non-sectarian U.S. private middle school – per year$18,170
Average non-sectarian U.S. private high school – per year$25,180

Flexible Payment Options

Installment Payments

Spread out the total cost of your student’s tuition with a series of equal monthly payments. You can extend your payment plan through the last month of the last semester for which you are registering.

Multiple Payment Methods

Use a credit card to pay in full or set up your monthly payment plan. Or, pay in full by mailing a check within ten business days of registering.

Satisfaction Guarantee

All online courses come with a 28-calendar-day satisfaction guarantee (from the beginning of the semester). We’ll refund 100% of tuition fees for dissatisfied students within the guarantee period so you can make sure we’re the right fit.

View our full payment policies here. You can view middle school and high school course descriptions on the Williamsburg Learning website.

Or, contact our Support Team for questions regarding payment options and course registration.

*Estimated Williamsburg tuition based on five live courses and one self-paced course per semester. Pricing is the same for both middle and high school students. Average U.S. private school tuition costs based on data from the Council on American Private Education (CAPE). Williamsburg is non-sectarian.