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How It Works

Learning is Different at Williamsburg Academy Private School

You want a school that goes above and beyond to prepare your child for the world we actually live in. That's why we created Williamsburg Academy.


It All Starts with Personalized Attention for Your Student

Before you register for classes, our enrollment advisors will get to know you and your student and answer your questions in a 1:1 phone conversation. We’ll tell you if Williamsburg sounds like a great fit—and recommend next steps either way.

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Read below to learn more about how Williamsburg works for you and your student!


We Partner with You

At Williamsburg, we believe parents play the leading role in a student’s education. We’re here to support you in giving your child the education they need to succeed!

You Provide the Learning 
Environment at Home

We ask that you ensure your child has a distraction-free study space. We also encourage you to use our 3-Step Parent Support Plan to help your student stay on top of schoolwork each week. To support you, we share regular tips and resources for Williamsburg parents!

Williamsburg student working on computer

We Provide a Top-Notch Online Learning Experience

Our expert mentors ensure your child gets inspiring lessons, meaningful feedback on assignments, and real connections with their peers in online classes. Mentors also hold regular office hours so your student can get extra support when they need it.


You Get to Choose the 
Best Courses for Your Child

At Williamsburg, you get to handpick your child’s classes and schedule based on their grade level, interests, and educational goals. (We don’t do one-size-fits-all here.) If you need any help, you can meet with your dedicated enrollment advisor.

Williamsburg Mother and Daughter

Our Program Grows with Your Child

We serve students in grades 6-12, and our program is fully accredited. That means your student can continue with Williamsburg right through high school graduation!


Live-online core courses and electives give your student an engaging learning experience from the safety of home.


Flexible self-paced courses make it even easier to fit school around your child’s other interests and activities. 

Independent Studies High School student

For high school, Independent Studies courses let your student earn credit for PE, Fine Arts, or Elective studies with a third-party curriculum provider.

Built in Partnership with Williamsburg Learning

Williamsburg Learning is the curriculum provider behind our award-winning online courses, and supports several other aspects of our program. Williamsburg Learning has been recognized as one of the top distance learning providers in the United States. Our students attend classes with peers from other Williamsburg Learning schools throughout the U.S.


Built in Partnership with Williamsburg Learning

Williamsburg Learning is the curriculum provider behind our award-winning online courses, and supports several other aspects of our program. Williamsburg has been recognized as one of the top distance learning providers in the U.S. At LAU, students attend classes with peers from other Williamsburg schools, both across the U.S. and around the world.

Designed to Supercharge Your Student’s Growth

We Train Leaders, Not Followers

Our courses are intentionally designed to teach students how to think (not what to think) about each subject. We believe this is vital for preparing students to tackle society’s challenges as tomorrow’s leaders.

Williamsburg Confident Student

We Study the Classics, Not Canned Curriculum

Wherever possible, we ask students to read original works in each subject (rather than the textbooks written about those works). This lets our students engage directly with some of history’s best thinkers.

Williamsburg Classic Curriculum

We Emphasize Personal Growth, Not Just Academics

The heart of our curriculum is our signature leadership program. These courses go beyond traditional academics to give students in-depth leadership training for their personal, social, professional, and financial lives.

Williamsburg Student Growth

Plus, Our Program Gives Your Student More Free Time

Full-time Williamsburg students spend an average of 25% less time on school than their public school peers. That’s because they get to skip things like in-person roll calls, commuting to and from school, and other forms of busywork.

Williamsburg Student Horseback riding

Here for You and Your Student

We offer a plethora of support resources to help make Williamsburg the best school experience your child has ever had.

A proven 3-Step Parent Support Plan to help you support your student.

Mentor office hours and check-ins when your student needs extra support.

Online clubs and social activities for students to connect outside of class.

Parent Mentor Conferences and Parent Mentor Updates each semester.

A team of expert mentors and administrators who think outside the educational box.

Weekly Parent Updates to keep you informed of school news and action items.

A full-time Customer Support Team to help with any technical issues.

Online parent meet-ups to strengthen our school community.

We Value Your Feedback

We regularly survey students and parents to get feedback on your family’s experience with our school. Our team is constantly refining our approach to ensure we bring your child the best online learning experience possible.


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