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Meet Our Team

Williamsburg Academy Leadership & Administrative Team

Photo of Headmaster Ross Gilbert

Ross Gilbert   


As a parent, you want your student’s education to be more than just studying—you want it to be an exciting and invigorating journey. Ross lives at the intersection of learning and adventure. He has traveled and taught English to students in Syria and Japan, spent years working with youth as both a high school teacher and volunteer mentor, trained employees in a variety of corporate settings, and traveled to more than 30 countries with his wife and five kids. Ross is thrilled to have the chance to make a difference in your student’s life as a mentor.

Ross holds a Bachelor of Business & Economics and Japanese Language & Asian Studies from Monash University in Australia (he is the first “Aussie” mentor on the Williamsburg team!). He continues traveling and world schooling with his family while teaching at Williamsburg. Students often experience the journey with him through classes as he shares stories from where he's living during the school year. Ross also loves playing basketball (and most other sports) and singing and playing guitar with his kids.

Phone: 800-200-6869

Administrative & Support Team Members

Joanie Newkirk - Enrollment Advisor at Williamsburg Learning

Joanie Newkirk 
Enrollment Advisor


Lynne Fendall Williamsburg Academy of Colorado

Lynne Fendall  


Regina Ewell Williamsburg Academy of Colorado

Regina Ewell 
Customer Support
Team Lead


Expert Mentors Help Students Explore Their Potential

Engaging teachers can make all the difference. At Williamsburg Academy, we call our teachers “mentors.” Our mentors guide students to seek their potential while expanding their comfort zone and overcoming self-limiting beliefs.

Williamsburg Learning (WL), our parent company, hires our world-class mentors who help you provide the right education for your child. Our mentors get to know your child through live online classes, office hours, and assignments with personalized feedback.


Williamsburg Learning Leadership Team

Nels Jensen Chief Executive Officer of Williamsburg Learning

Nels Jensen

Chief Executive Officer, Visionary, and Co‑Founder

Adam Hailstone Chief Marketing Officer Williamsburg Learning

Adam Hailstone

Chief Marketing Officer


Gary Arnell

Chief Administrative Officer & IT Director

Rob Noorda - Director of Operations at Williamsburg Learning

Rob Noorda

Director of Operations (Lead for all Academic Programs)

Want to contact a member of our team?

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