Tuition Options

Find the right funding option for your family.

Standard Tuition

Our standard tuition rates give you a world-class educational experience that rivals many of the best private schools—for a fraction of the cost.

Need more flexible payment options? We’ve got you covered. Check out this page to learn more.

Partner Schools

Our parent company, Williamsburg Learning, partners with charter schools and districts in the Western U.S. to offer our courses tuition-free.

Do you live in Utah? If so, check out our Utah-based charter school partner, Leadership Academy of Utah.

“In the beginning people thought I was crazy for pulling my kids out of the public school system. Now some of the same people are asking about it. It’s my kids’ behavior that makes them interested in the school. They can see a difference in their passion/zest for life, and they want it for their kids.”

– Lisa A., Landstuhl, Germany

Questions about payment options? Contact our Support Team.