Pre-Semester Checklist

2017-18 Pre-Semester Parent Checklist

Welcome to Williamsburg Learning! Below you will see two sections. The first is the Pre-semester Checklist designed to give you everything you need to start the semester off right. Please make sure to complete each task on the list thoroughly to ensure a smooth start to the year. Below the checklist is the calendar for Student Orientation Week. You’ll find all the dates, times, and links you’ll need right there. Need help? Email or call 800-200-6869.

Pre-Semester Checklist Tasks
1.Log-in to SIS: If your child doesn't already have an SIS login, help them create one. You will be asked to provide your child's email address, which must be different than your own. Within 15 minutes of you registering your child for classes, SIS will create a "Canvas" account for your child where they will access course syllabi, assignments, etc. The new Canvas login will be the same as your child's SIS login.
2.Purchase Books: Click here to access the high school booklist and here to access the middle school booklist. The Booklists have been finalized as of June 15th.
3.Tech Check: Go to the Technology Requirements & Support page and

  • read “Technology Tools” together. Be sure you have a computer that will work, and the required software programs

  • read “How to Setup and Test Blackboard Collaborate On Your Computer” together. Follow all of the steps. If you hit a snag setting up Blackboard Collaborate, read “Having Trouble With Collaborate?” or “Mac Users–Help With Collaborate”

  • read “When Blackboard Collaborate Goes Down, Log In To Zoom” and follow the steps

  • read “Technical Support for Canvas and SIS” together. Students, be sure you can log in and see your courses in both Canvas and SIS.

4.Log in to Canvas: Students, log in to Canvas and customize your Course menu. Here’s a screencast that shows you how. (You should see your course title showing under “Courses” in Canvas within 15 minutes of creating your SIS login. If you don’t, contact Please note that the username and password for your students' SIS account is the same username and password for their Canvas account.
5.Watch the recording of Parent Orientation: New parents are required to attend or watch an orientation session. [Note: If you have not yet downloaded Blackboard Collaborate onto your computer, you must do so in order to watch the recordings. Go back to Tech Check above for instructions on how to do that.]

  • Grades 6-8: Held Thurs, Aug 10, 6:00 pm MT. Click HERE for the recording.

  • Grades 9-12: Held Thurs, Aug 10, 8:00 pm MT. Click HERE for the recording.

6.Plan for Student Orientation Week: See the calendar below to add the appropriate dates and times to your calendar.

Since August is busy, we’ve added the calendar below for your convenience. The links to each event can be found further down this page.

For the rest of the school year, please see the School Calendar.

WA Student Orientation Schedule

DayNew StudentsReturning Students
Monday, August 14

  • Watch the New High School Student Orientation Session. Click HERE for the recording.

  • Watch the New Middle School Student Orientation Session. Click HERE for the recording.

  • New students complete assignments in the New Student Orientation course. (Don’t wait to get started in Orientation. We encourage you to start this course at least a week before the semester begins!)

    Click on the link below to access your course page:
    MS New Student Orientation Course
    HS New Students Orientation Course
    Abbreviated New Student Orientation Course (Designed for students taking fewer than 3 live classes)

Tuesday, August 15

  • Continue to work on orientation assignments in the appropriate new student orientation Canvas course.

  • Work on first-week assignments in Homeroom and your courses for the semester.

Wednesday, August 16

  • Begin regularly-scheduled classes

Thursday, August 17

  • Begin regularly-scheduled classes

Friday, August 18

  • For grades 9–12: The Inspiration Hour begins! Join the Executive Director of your school at 1 p.m. MT for a “Semester Kickoff” session. All students are required to attend or watch the recording:
    Williamsburg Academy
Monday, August 21

  • Orientation work in Canvas Homeroom due at 8:00 a.m. MT for all grade levels

WA Parent Orientation Schedule

Orientation SessionGrades 6-8Grades 9-12
Parents of new studentsThursday, Aug 10, 6:00 pm MT

Click HERE for the link to join.
Thursday, Aug 10, 8:00 pm MT

Click HERE for the link to join.