Payment Policies

On-Time Registration Deadline

The on-time registration deadline, which is usually 2-4 weeks before the start date of each semester, is posted on our school calendar.

Payment Methods

Using a credit or debit card, you may pay in full or create a payment schedule. Your first payment will be charged at the time of registration. You can select the day of the month on which your subsequent monthly payments will be automatically charged (if applicable). There is no additional cost for monthly payments, as long as you pay on time. Payment by check is due in full within 10 calendar days of your date of registration.

Late or Missed Payments

If a payment is declined because of insufficient funds, expired card, address mismatch, or any other reason, our system will alert you via email and add a $25 administration fee per declined transaction to your balance. If you contact us within 5 business days to resolve the declined payment, we will remove the $25 fee.

Installment Plans

Payment plans can extend through the last month of the last semester for which you are registering. For example, if you register in April for the upcoming fall and winter semesters, you can spread your payments up to 14 months (April of the current year through May of the following year). On the other hand, if you only register for the fall semester, you can only spread your payments over nine months because the fall semester ends in December. If you come back later and register for additional classes, you will have the option to erase your old payment schedule and create a new one that includes your existing and new enrollments.

Refund Policy

Students who aren’t satisfied with their courses will receive a full refund within 28 calendar days of the first day of each semester. No refunds will be given after the 28-day period.

Questions about payment options? Don’t hesitate to¬†contact us.