How to Register

At Williamsburg, parents complete the registration process for their students through our Student Information Services (SIS) system. Students are not permitted to register themselves.

For New Families

Parents, create an SIS account and login, then add your child and click “Registration” in the left-hand menu.

For Returning Families

Parents, sign in to SIS by clicking the button below, then click “Registration” in the left-hand menu.

Important Notes

If you are a student at a charter school or district school that partners with Williamsburg, find your unique registration instructions by clicking your state on this page.

Before taking a course, be sure you have the required technology for our courses by reviewing our Technology Requirements and Support page. If you need help, contact the Registrar’s office. As always, we want to help you if you get stuck anywhere, and we welcome your feedback.

Registration Policies

We currently have an open enrollment policy. If you feel that our program is right for you, and we have space, you’re welcome to join us!

We currently enroll students on a first-come-first-served basis. We do not have an official waiting list or queue. We have a limited number of seats in all our courses. We do not reserve seats for returning students, but we always notify our families when registration opens for a new semester.

We allow families to register for one semester only, and add other semesters later, or enroll for the entire upcoming school year at once. If you are enrolled for fall and not winter, it is possible that your seat for winter could be taken by another student, so it is to your advantage to register for both semesters as early as possible. All enrollments are subject to our 28-day satisfaction guarantee (28 calendar days from the beginning of the semester).

Students have until the drop deadline, which is 28 calendar days from the first day of the semester, to switch between the Honors and Classic version of a course. After the 28-day deadline, students may contact their mentor to request a transfer exception, which must be approved by the mentor’s Program Leader.
To ensure that students receiving credit for an Honors course have completed all required Honors-level work, students who are approved to transfer from a Classic course to an Honors course after the 28-day deadline will have to make up the work that has fallen due since the 28-day deadline.