High School Graduation Requirements

Math4.0 creditsComplete all of the following:
Pre-Algebra A/B. Pre-Algebra is a non-credit course for high school. 7th Grade Math & Intro to HS Math are the equivalent of Pre-Algebra.
HS Math 1 A/B, or Algebra 1A* and Geometry 1A**
HS Math 2 A/B, or Algebra 1B* and Geometry 1B**
HS Math 3 A/B, or Algebra 2*
Pre-Calculus A/B
Students may graduate with fewer than 4 math credits if they have completed HS Math 1–3. A student who has completed Algebra 2 does not need to complete any other HS math courses.
*As of Fall, 2017 these courses are no longer offered live, but are offered self-paced.
**As of Fall, 2018 these courses are no longer offered live, but are offered self-paced.
Science3.0 creditsComplete 2.0 credits of foundational science courses (Earth Science A/B, Biology A/B, Chemistry A/B, Physics A/B) plus 1.0 credit of an additional foundational course or any other science course (such as Astronomy A/B).
Note that many selective colleges want to see the following courses on an applicant’s transcript: Biology A/B, Chemistry A/B, Physics A/B.
Social Studies3.0 creditsComplete U.S. History A/B, Government & Economics A/B, World Civilizations (0.5 credit), and Geography & World Events (0.5 credit).
Language Arts4.0 creditsComplete Writing & Rhetoric A/B (LA 9), American Lit A/B (LA 10), Political Lit (LA 11A) (0.5 credit), Short Stories (LA 11B) (0.5 credit), and World Lit A/B (LA 12).
Leadership2.0 creditsComplete Personal Leadership A/B, Social Leadership A/B, Professional Leadership (0.5 credit), and Financial Leadership (0.5 credit).
*Effective Fall, 2017, Personal Leadership A and B will still be required courses but PL A will now satisfy the required 0.5 Computer Tech credit and PL B will satisfy the required 0.5 Fitness for Life credit. Thus 2.0 credits of Leadership are now required instead of 3.0.
PE & Health2 creditsComplete all of the following:
Mind & Body Stewardship (0.5 credit)
Fitness for Life (0.5 credit). (Personal Leadership B (0.5 credit) satisfies Fitness for Life requirement if taken Fall 2017 or later.)
One additional credit from the following courses: Elevation (0.5 credit), Independent PE (0.5 credit).
Students may take Elevation and/or Independent PE multiple times.
Fine Arts1.5 creditsAny 1.5 credits, including from the following courses: Photography (0.5 credit), Beauty of Music (0.5 credit), Guitar Revolution (0.5 credit), Independent Fine Arts (0.5 credit), 3D Printing & Design (0.5 credit), 3D Design: Modeling, Animation & Printing (0.5 credit), Digital Art & Graphic Design (0.5 credit). Students may take Independent Fine Arts multiple times.
Electives and Second Language4 creditsAny 4.0 credits. See the Electives Program on Williamsburg Learning site for a list of Elective courses offered.
Excess credit in any Program above will also apply to satisfy elective credit requirements.
Note that many selective colleges want to see 2.0 credits of a second language on an applicant’s transcript.
Technology0.5 creditComplete Personal Leadership A (0.5 credit). This course meets the requirements for the required Computer Technology course.


You can view specific high school course descriptions on the Williamsburg Learning website.