Weekly Parent Email – October 21, 2022

October 21, 2022

I hope your student successfully navigated their midterm exams and enjoyed some time away from studies for a few days! Fall break is a great way for students to refocus, rejuvenate, and get the energy needed to finish the rest of the semester well. 

I believe students are most successful when they balance their academic studies with quality social events where they can connect with others and enjoy time together. 

To provide these opportunities, we offer weekly online social events organized by our Student Body Leadership Team. These activities are an excellent way for students across Williamsburg to connect and have fun.

If you are unsure whether your student is aware of these events, please encourage them to attend Inspiration Hour and Thursday Night Live, which alternate every Thursday at 3:00 PM MT. You can find more details about each event in Homeroom.


Ross Gilbert

Headmaster, Williamsburg Academy



New Course/Mentor Feedback Survey: We want to know how we can improve your student’s experience in our classes! We’ve added a feature in Canvas so parents and students can submit anonymous feedback in real-time. Don’t hesitate to reach out about anything from broken links to issues with live classes – and we’d love to hear what’s going well for your student too! You can find the survey in the “Help” menu in Canvas.


Upcoming Events

October 24-28: Spirit Week! (Find details in Homeroom)

October 27: Thursday Night Live: “Mental Health” with Jordan Dye – 3:00 PM MT (Find details in Homeroom)

November 3: Inspiration Hour: “Williamsburg’s History” with Adam Hailstone – 3:00 PM MT (Find details in Homeroom)