Weekly Parent Email – August 26, 2022

August 26, 2022

I hope you and your student are settling into the rhythm of online classes. If you are new to Williamsburg, I hope you feel welcome and included. 

This week I spoke with my students about the importance of creating habits in their lives. We discussed how success is achieved not through one singular event but through “a few simple disciplines, practiced every day” (Jim Rohn). 

I know we all want our students to succeed! At Williamsburg Academy, we want to help our students live meaningful lives as principled leaders. But this isn’t going to happen as a singular event. 

At Williamsburg, student success will come through the accumulation of good study habits, showing up on camera in class even if they feel anxious, being brave and sharing insights in class, attending online events, and thinking deeply about what was experienced during the week. The small things really do count!

Our greatest desire is for your student to experience the power of consistent habits and allow the accumulation of those habits to give meaning and purpose to the lives they wish to live.

Thank you again for the privilege of being with your student on their life journey.


Ross Gilbert 

Headmaster, Williamsburg Academy



Student clubs are available for sign-up! Students interested in joining a club must request to be added through the Student Clubs page in Homeroom. Parent permission is required. To give your student permission to join a club, use this form. Click here to learn more about current student clubs.


Upcoming Events

September 1: Inspiration Hour: Online School Tips from Experienced Students! – 3:00 PM MT   (Find details in Homeroom)

September 5: Labor Day: No class, office is closed.

September 8: Thursday Night Live – 3:00 PM MT (Find details in Homeroom)

September 12-16: Parent Mentor Conferences