Accredited, classical online high school credit

Our students receive a great education and graduate with accredited diplomas.

Williamsburg Academy, an online high school, is accredited by AdvancED. All credit earned at Williamsburg Academy is recognized by all other schools accredited by AdvancED.  It is also recognized by most high schools accredited by other organizations. Most public and private high schools do recognize and accept transfer credit from Williamsburg Academy, an accredited online school offering a high school diploma to graduates.

Colleges and universities (selective and nonselective) have recognized credits and high school diplomas earned at Williamsburg Academy. Our graduates have been admitted to some of the most selective universities in the United States.

Should you have any questions about earning credit, credit portability/transfer, or accreditation, please email


CEEB Code is the code all students should include on ACT/SAT exams so that scores get sent to Williamsburg. Our code is 450067.