About Us

A Classical Online High School and Project-based Middle School: Williamsburg Academy


Williamsburg Academy’s mission is: To Prepare Promising Students for Meaningful Lives as Principled Leaders.

Education is Evolving

Every day moves us closer and closer toward what was once impossible. Online learning is leading to more effective methods of sharing and acquiring knowledge. And we’ve only begun to see what it can do. This is as big a shift as the move from the one-room schoolhouse to the Industrial Age factory-school. In the early 1900s our current education system was born as a response to the need for more skilled factory workers, and fewer agricultural workers.

Williamsburg Academy student attends online high school class

Our students attend high school and middle school classes over the internet.

In the past 100 years our society has seen significant financial, political and technological shifts, however, our education system has remained surprisingly unchanged. Part of this makes sense, because at the end of the day, reading, writing and arithmetic are as pertinent as ever. But part of this is mind-boggling. Education shouldn’t just be about preparing workers–it should be about developing humans ready to lead the world in the 21st century. That’s where Williamsburg Academy comes in.

Leadership, Liberal Arts, Technology

Williamsburg Academy is an accredited online school serving grades 6 – 12. Our program is built on a classical education model, and emphasizes leadership, the liberal arts, and technology.

We call our teachers mentors because they have the role of helping students develop as leaders, in addition to the traditional teacher role of helping them acquire knowledge. We use The Williamsburg Curriculum™, which combines classical works and cutting edge technology.

Our headquarters are in Saint George, Utah. Because Williamsburg is online, our students live across the U.S. and Canada, and in other countries around the world.

Who we Serve

We attract bright and dedicated students who want to study the great minds and learn to think critically. Our program is rigorous and requires self-discipline, initiative and hard work.

Our students come from diverse backgrounds including home, public, and private schools. No particular background is necessary to become a successful student. A strong work ethic, eagerness to learn, and a desire to help others are the key ingredients of success at Williamsburg.

Flexible Online Learning

All of our courses are online, and students also complete hands-on projects and assignments. Students participate from home, or any internet connection. We have live courses, where mentors and students can see, hear, and share content with each other. We also have self-paced courses where students can study and learn virtually at any time on any day.

Students can customize their course load from one class up to a full-time graduation track. Completing an online Williamsburg course is an accomplishment, and a diploma from Williamsburg is a symbol of many hours of study, service and creative engagement.

Outdoor Program

We partner with Elevation Outdoors to deliver our popular outdoor program for students.

Our Roots

The school is named after Williamsburg, Virginia, the hub of intellectual life during the American Founding. Every institution has a bias. We have a bias toward the principles of liberty as articulated by Adam Smith, John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, and others.

Student Motto

We asked our students to create a statement that explains how they view their education. They responded with: Becoming Who We Are.

We love this motto because it shows faith in the belief that every student has goodness and greatness within. Long ago, Socrates said that as a teacher he did not give his students knowledge. He merely drew out that which was already present within each individual. That is how we feel about our students.

We are Non-Sectarian

Williamsburg Academy does not affiliate with or support any faith, church, or religion. Our students come from a variety of religious and political backgrounds. We remain neutral and build a safe environment where students are free to be themselves and share their ideas and beliefs in respectful ways. When it comes to divisive issues, we coach students to seek first to understand, and then to be understood.