South Sanpete School District

How It Works

Utah students enrolled in grades 6-12 through the South Sanpete School District are eligible to take courses from Williamsburg Academy without paying tuition. Currently, the South Sanpete School District only provides fall and winter courses; it does not provide summer courses.


Grades 6 – 12

  • Each student can take up to 6 courses per semester, with a total budget of up to $3,000 per school year
  • Parents of enrolled students will register for Williamsburg courses, with advisement from South Sanpete School District
  • Each student may take the Elevation outdoor course (must be 14 to participate) in place of an online course once per school year (August Elevation is part of Fall Semester; May Elevation is part of Winter Semester)

How To Register

Enroll with South Sanpete School District and Register for Williamsburg Courses

  1. Once you’re enrolled in the South Sanpete School District, you are ready to register for Williamsburg courses.
  2. Consult with South Sanpete about which courses to enroll in. Go to to learn about the courses.
  3. Parents, when you’re ready to register your student
    • Click the SIS Login link from the top of any page at
    • Login to SIS and click on Registration
    • You need to register for BOTH fall and winter semesters. By registering for fall semester you are not automatically registered for winter. If you don’t register for winter now, you’ll have to come back and add it later, and the courses you want may be full. Remember, you can always switch one course for another before the semester begins. Just login to SIS and click drop/switch
    • At the end of the registration process, be sure to specify that South Sanpete School District will be your third-party provider.  Note, you are NOT officially registered with South Sanpete until you have contacted them and completed all necessary paperwork; if you register at Williamsburg only, South Sanpete will not pay for your courses

Note: If you are concerned about reserving your student’s seats in Williamsburg’s live courses, which often fill up, you can register with Williamsburg while completing the South Sanpete enrollment and admissions process.  If for some reason you are not admitted with South Sanpete, you will need to pay the tuition yourself or withdraw your children before the end of the satisfaction guarantee window.


For South Sanpete admissions questions, email anytime.

For questions about Williamsburg courses, contact Williamsburg’s Academic Coach, Shelly Jenkins;, 800-200-6869 x 122 (Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm MST).