Sequoia Choice

Students in Arizona can take Williamsburg classes tuition-free if they enroll with Sequoia Choice (SC). This page explains how the arrangement works and what parents and students need to do to qualify.

How it works

Students in Arizona are eligible to take courses from Williamsburg Academy without paying tuition.  To be eligible, students must enroll with Sequoia Choice. Currently, Sequoia provides summer, fall and winter courses. Students may join during any semester of the year (i.e. you don’t have to start in the fall).


  • Enrollment with SC includes signing a set of expectations (e.g. approval of course enrollments by SC, communication with a student’s SC advisor, minimum academic performance, etc.). Those expectations are very important for the success of the student, of Sequoia Choice, and of the school’s ability to host WA enrollments.
  • Even though WA does not require reporting of attendance, it is absolutely crucial that SC/WA families submit attendance to SC on a timely and complete basis.
  • It is crucial that SC/WA students take the SC benchmarks in a timely way, and in good faith. The benchmarks are absolutely required. We need to build a culture such that students/families use and appreciate the benchmarks as a great way to track a student’s progress in acquiring certain key skills, and as a way to predict that student’s success on state-mandated tests that are connected, especially at the high school level, with successful graduation. These elements, of course, are critical to SC’s mission.
  • All enrollments are subject to approval by SC. High school students may enroll part or full-time. Middle school student can take the core courses plus one other elective course.
  • Elevation is not available to middle school students; students must be 14 to participate

How to register

  1. Go to and learn about the partnership with Williamsburg.
  2. Begin the enrollment process with Sequoia Choice. If you get stuck anywhere, contact one of Sequoia’s staff (information listed under “Contacts” below).
  3. Once you’ve received an offer of admission from Sequoia Choice, filled out the Sequoia Choice Course Contract, and received course registration authorization, you are ready to register for Williamsburg courses.
  4. Go to to learn about the courses. When you are ready to register, follow Williamsburg’s Registration instructions. At the end of the registration process, be sure to specify that Sequoia will be your third-party tuition provider. Note that if you have not enrolled with Sequoia, as outlined in steps 1 – 3 above, Sequoia will not pay your tuition. Also note that if you drop a course after the deadline, or otherwise fail to complete a course, you will be responsible to reimburse Sequoia for the course tuition.

Note: If you are concerned about reserving your student’s seats in Williamsburg’s classes, which often fill up, you can register with Williamsburg while completing the Sequoia enrollment and admissions process.  If for some reason you are not admitted with Sequoia, you will need to pay the tuition yourself or withdraw your children before the end of the satisfaction guarantee window.

Time Change: Please be aware that because Williamsburg is based in Utah, we observe Daylight Savings Time.


If you have any questions for Sequoia, all of these folks can help you. They are all at 480-461-3222, but at different extensions:

  • Christin Pike, ext. 10649
  • Jeff Wisneiwki, ext 10654
  • Ashlie Hancock, 480-461-3222 (main line)

For questions about Williamsburg courses, contact Williamsburg’s Academic Coach, Adam Hailstone;, 800-200-6869 ext. 106