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Enroll at Bonneville and Access the Williamsburg Program Tuition-Free



Enrollment Instructions

Idaho students in grades 6-12 can take Williamsburg Academy courses tuition-free through Bonneville Online School if they live within the district boundaries, or are accepted through open enrollment. District boundaries are Southeastern Idaho, as far west as Jerome, north to Sun Valley, and east to Idaho Falls.

If you live outside this area and are willing to drive your student to Idaho Falls once a year for testing, you can still apply. Bonneville will review exceptions to the geographical boundaries on a case-by-case basis.

Note: To enroll at Bonneville and have your student's Williamsburg courses covered, you must complete all enrollment, registration, and testing requirements as outlined below:


How to Enroll at Bonneville and Register for Courses


How to Request Books for Your Student's Williamsburg Courses

Bonneville will provide the required books for your student’s Williamsburg courses. Bonneville covers the cost of required books and materials only. All optional items are the responsibility of the parent/guardian. If a free download of a book/reading material is offered, the free download must be used. Bonneville will not pay for items where a free option is available. Books cannot be returned once ordered. 

To order, do the following:


Enrollment and testing requirements for Bonneville School District:

  • Students in grades 6, 7, 8, and 10 must travel to Idaho Falls once a year for state testing. In some cases, it may be a possibility to test in your local school district.
  • Students in 11th grade are required to take the SAT. You can travel to Idaho Falls or contact a Bonneville school counselor, who can send your student an SAT voucher they can use at a local testing center location. Students may choose to pay for the ACT in their local area and send their test scores to Bonneville School District to meet this requirement. 
  • High school students should use this chart to ensure they select courses that will meet the Bonneville graduation requirements.

For additional information: Please contact Misty Jackson at (208) 557-6836 or by email at

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