STEM 6/7 C

How can a study of the miraculous human body and its systems increase my commitment to habits of health and well-being?

Why Take This Course?

Students turn inward to look at heart and mind in STEM 6/7 C.

Students turn inward to look at heart and mind in STEM 6/7 C.

The human body is truly miraculous! It has the capacity to grow, cure itself, sustain life, and when kept healthy, serve human purposes throughout its lifespan. In this Middle School STEM course, we work towards our “Junior Medical Degrees” by studying and creating models of the body systems. We also learn about how the “Super 3” life practices help keep our bodies healthy and happy.

Expedition: Life-Size Science:

In this expedition, we learn about illness and compassion as we correspond with a hospital-bound pen-pal, and research various aspects of his/her illness. We also consider how the life sciences help us understand the purpose and place of spending time in nature and how nature is related to mental and physical health. We also look at the teen brain and the changes that take place in the brain over a lifetime. Throughout the course of this expedition, we study select systems of the body and learn how some of the major body systems work together to allow us to live, move, breath and enjoy life. We study our own version of the MCAT and learn about the newest technology being used to help diagnose and treat disease. The Summit Project for this expedition culminates sharing poster presentations about what we have learned through the pen-pal project and through studying the illness of our pen-pals.

Course Framework

Unit 1Unit 2Unit 3Unit 4
What daily habits and practices keep my body healthy?How can I maintain a healthy cardiovascular system?What role does nutrition and digestion play in my overall health?How can I keep my brain healthy and active?
How is the human body organized to make up the different body systems?What are the different parts of the heart and how do they work to circulate blood?How do the foods we eat get broken down and assimilated into the body?What are the different parts of the brain and how do they work?
How can I show empathy and understanding in relating to a terminally ill person?What daily activities promote a healthy heart?What are common ailments of the digestive system and how can we prevent them?How can I use the most rational part of my brain to make decisions?
How are diseases  diagnosed and treated in Eastern and Western Cultures?What are the causes and effects of heart disease?How do infectious disease spread and how can I prevent these diseases?How do I learn and how the brain develop as I grow?
What actions and habits contribute to a healthy skeletal system?What role does blood play in keeping me alive and healthy?How does the immune system work in keeping me healthy?What is Brain surgery and what are the cases in which it is necessary?
How can nature contribute to a healthy mind and body?What are some important things health professional must do to perform surgery?What are the boundaries of modern and traditional medicine?What have I learned from my communications with my pen pal?

Texts and Materials Students Must Purchase

David MacaulayThe Way We Work: Getting to Know the Amazing Human Body
Isaac AsimovFantastic Voyage


  • Recommended Grade: 6th, 7th
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Versions & Estimated Weekly Hours: *Classic: 5 Hours / Honors: 7 Hours
  • Format: Live
  • Credits: 0.5

*Help from parents will be necessary to complete some of these projects. All classes will include supplemental projects and optional readings.


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