7th Grade Math A

How do people use math concepts to be successful in their jobs and careers?

Our Approach

This course will help you build confidence that you are an awesome math student. You’ll learn how to connect the dots between math and real-life situations and get comfortable solving math problems with negative numbers. You’ll learn how to add, subtract, divide and use fractions and decimals, all with negative numbers. You’ll also get ready for 8th-grade math by building your confidence with the concepts of area, volume, and scale drawings.

Course Framework

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How can I add and subtract negative numbers?

How can I solve one-step equations?

What is probability and how can I find sample spaces?

How can I solve two-step equations?

How can I use a number line to help me add negative numbers?

Which operations are opposite?

What are compound events?

What is a term?

How can I interpret negative number addition and subtraction?

How can I use substitution?

How can I use a sample space to compare probabilities?

How can I combine like terms?

In which ways can I apply my knowledge of adding and subtracting negatives to distance, angles, and the real-world?

Can I recognize patterns with signs?

How can my knowledge of fractions and decimals help?

How can I use the order of operations with fractions?

Texts and Materials Students Must Purchase




*Math students will spend four hours in live workshops with a mentor or tutor and an estimated 30 minutes a day practicing math.

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