Leadership 8 A

How can I learn and practice resilience as the steward of my life?

Why Take This Course?

Delve into self-mastery in Leadership 8 A.

Delve into self-mastery in Leadership 8 A.

Resilience is one of the most powerful and important strengths we can develop in life and is the focus of this course. This term, we will learn and practice skills for resilience, and observe great examples of resilience around us. We will consider different learning mindsets, and the value of a growth mindset in persistently pursuing our education and life goals. We will complete projects and discussions focused on building optimism, having a healthy sense of humor, and maintaining composure in difficult times. Our journey of understanding and strengthening our resilience during this course will prepare students to continue onward as resilient stewards of their lives.

Course Framework

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How can I practice resilient optimism to help me achieve my desires?How do I develop a healthy sense of humor to help me to stay my course?How can I learn to embrace the moment in order to learn from the past, act upon the present, and prepare for the future?
How do I effectively go back in order to move forward with increased accuracy, power, and wisdom?How can I embrace setbacks gracefully while maintaining composure under pressure?
What will I learn about resilience and leadership this term?How can I learn to use humor to build resilience?Why is living in the present so important?Why do I have to “go back” before I can “go forward?”How can I learn to maintain composure and control in difficult circumstances?
How do mindsets impact potential?How does a sense of humor help me work towards my educational goals?How can understanding the “flow state” benefit me?What is the difference between looking back with regret, and looking back to learn?How do stories of resilience inspire me and influence my actions?
How can visualizing my future help me build resilient optimism?How can I use positive humor to laugh at myself?What are some methods to help me “live in the moment?”How can I look forward with hope and greater wisdom?How have I grown in my understanding of resilient optimism during my journey on this island?
What power do I gain by having a growth mindset?How do humor and optimism help people respond to difficulties?How can understanding the teenage brain empower me?How can I be the hero of my own life story?What will I take with me from this semester into my future?

Texts and Materials Students Must Purchase

AuthorTitleRecommended ISBN
Ten Boom, Corrie The Hiding Place0553256696
Porter, Eleanor H.Pollyanna 1439297290
Dweck, CarolMindset: The New Psychology of Success0345472322


  • Recommended Grade: 8th
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Versions & Estimated Weekly Hours: 6.5*
  • Format: Live
  • Credits: 0.5

*Help from parents will be necessary to complete some of these projects. All classes will include supplemental projects and optional readings.

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