Humanities 6/7 A

What is liberty, and what is its importance? How can a study of countries around the world help me understand the conditions necessary to perpetuate liberty worldwide?

Why Take This Course?

Humanities 6/7 A

Humanities 6/7 A allows students to see real life situations of liberty and a lack thereof in the world.

What does it mean to be a human? How is a person living today similar to someone who lived 4000 years ago? How are they different? How can I appreciate different human experiences, histories and cultures?

This Middle School Humanities course introduces students to world history and current events in a highly interactive, hands-on way. Through country culture projects that expose students to music, cuisine, entertainment and politics from around the world, students come to appreciate the cultural heritage of other nations. Students learn about key sectors and systems that make up their own and other societies, and in group presentation projects, teach their fellow classmates about important current events around the world.

While traveling virtually from the US to Uganda, and from China to Germany, students examine the histories and culture of various nations, and continuously ask the questions, “What is liberty?” and, “What is needed for liberty to exist?” Through this process students come to appreciate liberty, and the key sectors that make up a free society.

Expedition: Liberty Pulse

In this expedition, students consider four facets of Liberty: What it is, how it is measured, how it is maintained, and how it is achieved. First students analyze liberty through the lens of the United States, considering liberties past and present in the United States. Then, students travel virtually across the continents, experiencing various cultures and considering and measuring the liberty of select countries. Students measure liberty through looking at seven areas: Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Leadership, the Right to Bear Arms, Education/The People, Division of powers/Branches of Government, and Bill of Rights. Students present a “Liberty Pulse” on each country we visit, based on research of each country’s liberty, and are assigned specific roles for each presentation.

Course Framework

Unit 1Unit 2Unit 3Unit 4
What is liberty, and why is it important?What are the dimensions of liberty and can we measure it?What can I learn about liberty from the Middle East and Asia?What is the importance of liberty worldwide?
What are fundamental human rights? Why protect them?What is liberty, and what is a liberty pulse?Are basic human rights respected in most Middle Eastern countries?Who decides who rules whom?
What are the four major elements of civilizations?Where is the US on the liberty scale?How much liberty do the Egyptians have?Why is the middle class so important to liberty?
Why have Greece and Rome had such a huge impact on the world?What are the ties that bind the Middle East?What does a government have a right to force its people to do?Do I have to have a political position to change the world?
What are the types of government?What was ancient Egypt like, and did it have Liberty?What have I learned about Chinese liberty?What have I learned about liberty and its importance this semester?

Texts and Materials Students Must Purchase

AuthorTitleRecommended ISBN
Jules VerneAround the World in Eighty Days0486411117
N.H. SenzaiShooting Kabul1442401958
Ji-li JiangRed Scarf Girl0064462080


  • Recommended Grade: 6th, 7th
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Versions & Estimated Weekly Hours: *Classic: 5 Hours / Honors: 7 Hours
  • Format: Live
  • Credits: 0.5

*Help from parents will be necessary to complete some of these projects. All classes will include supplemental projects and optional readings.

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