Middle School Fall/Winter

Following is the schedule of live online middle school courses for the Fall ’20 and Winter ’21 semester. In addition to these live classes, we offer some self-paced courses, which are listed in the table below.  Course listings are also available in SIS under Registration.

Please be aware of the following:

  1. All STEM and Humanities courses are offered in Classic and Honors versions. Students in Classic and Honors courses meet in the same live class sessions but Honors students complete roughly 30% more work. You can select either the Classic or Honors version when you enroll in SIS.
  2. We also offer self-paced second language courses for middle school students. See our Second Language page.




Additional notes:

  • Fridays are for individual study and mentor office hours. Students should plan on studying several hours most Fridays
  • Course mentors and class times are subject to change, depending on enrollment
  • Williamsburg follows Daylight Savings Time. Arizona and Hawaii families should note that their scheduled classes will change times mid-semester


Self-Paced CourseSemester Offered
Middle School Photography AFall & Winter
Middle School Photography BFall & Winter
Writing 6A Fall Only
Writing 6 BWinter Only
Writing 7A Fall Only
Writing 7BWinter Only
Second LanguageFall & Winter
6th Grade Math AFall & Winter
6th Grade Math BFall & Winter
7th Grade Math AFall & Winter
7th Grade Math BFall & Winter
8th Grade Math AFall & Winter
8th Grade Math BFall & Winter
Humanities 8AFall Only
Humanities 8BWinter Only