What Your Weekly Schedule Will Look Like

middle school students in online class and reading

Williamsburg students spend hours every day dedicated to class and study time.

As a Williamsburg student, you will have a busy week, every week. You will attend several live class sessions each week, have a lot of reading and homework to complete, and you will need time for extracurricular and social activities as well. You will struggle to get it all done, especially at first, but as you complete our leadership classes and learn to manage your time and energy you will be amazed at how much more effective and confident you become.

6th/7th grade schedule

8th grade schedule

9-12th grade schedule

 Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 2.29.08 PM

*These estimates will vary depending on each student’s individual pace, and note that 6th/7th graders spend less time on school than 8th graders.

Contact us to discuss any questions you have about this schedule or a typical time commitment. Remember, students can take one or more courses, depending on the student’s needs.

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