What Live Classes Are Like

At Williamsburg, we value freedom, so we are flexible. We pair that flexibility with quality by offering rigorous courses that are built on active participation, curriculum that opens students to great books and great ideas, and assignments that challenge students to be creative and authentic.

We offer courses in a variety of difficulty levels so you can tailor your class schedule and workload to your unique needs and interests.

Live Courses

In live courses, students and mentors meet together in our live online classroom twice per week. Students and mentors can see, hear, chat with, and present content to each other. Mentors create breakout rooms during live classes so that students can collaborate in small groups. Students participate in group projects, peer presentations, student government, simulations, engaging videos and readings, challenging projects and assignments, and oral, written, and project-based assessments.

We offer many of our live courses in two difficulty levels: Classic and Honors. Students in both Classic and Honors courses participate in the same live class sessions but students in Honors courses have about 30% more readings and assignments, including assignments that are more challenging.

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Here are some authentic examples from live classes and student assignments.

Project-Based Learning: Liz Kirk discusses a Bolivian Pipeline Humanitarian project with her 8th-grade Humanities students.

Mr. Brown's class discusses whether or not Andrew Jackson was a good man.

Mr. Denning discusses life values and priorities with his Social Leadership students.

Mr. Reynolds discusses romantic art with 8th-grade humanities students.

Mr. Ure administers an oral test to a government student.

This is an intro to two students' video presentation on free speech.