The Books and Projects You Will Complete

Most schools use textbooks and multiple-choice tests. Boring! Instead, we designed our own curriculum, just for students like you.

student reading a good book

Williamsburg students are immersed in great literature.

The Williamsburg Curriculum uses books and readings that we think are likely to really grab you, and that are relevant to your life. You’ll read many original sources and classical works because we want you to be exposed to the great ideas of history, and you will read dozens of fantastic stories and thousands of pages of renowned literature.

The assignments you complete in Williamsburg courses are the opposite of busywork––they actually matter, are fun, and help you form lasting connections with the topics about which you are learning.

In grades 6–8, you will read books like Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, Whatever Happened to Justice, What the World Eats, Why Matter Matters, Carry on Mr Bowditch and many others. You will also work on amazing projects together with your classmates, such as visiting the dump, making atom models and elephant toothpaste, “burning” money (parent supervision required!), recreating famous works of art, participating in an online renaissance fair, and other exciting projects and experiences.

In grades 9–12, you will read books by Stephen Covey, John Locke, Victor Frankl, Victor Hugo, Chaim Potok, Charles Montesquieu, James Madison, Stephen Hawking, and more. You will engage in group projects, peer presentations, student government, simulations, challenging projects, oral and written exams, and more.

BooksThe books and assignments you complete at Williamsburg will help you succeed in college and your profession, and they will also help you succeed in your personal life, relationships, and leadership. In fact, you’ll take a leadership class each semester that will help you gain skills like managing your time and energy, learning how to lead yourself and others, developing healthy relationships, preparing for college, and gaining a healthy relationship with money. At the end of every leadership class, you’ll complete a project that requires you to apply what you have learned to your own life.

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