Student Testimonials

Williamsburg students (or “Burgers,” as they call themselves) come from diverse backgrounds and live all over the United States and Canada, with a few throughout the world. Most come from a homeschool or charter school background, and tend to want something more from their education than is typically afforded by traditional public education.

group of williamsburg students

Our students come from all walks of life to create an inspiring learning environment.

Before finding Williamsburg, many of our students felt like they were misunderstood by their peers because of their alternative educational path, which can feel very lonely. If you feel this way, you will probably be surprised when you become part of a whole community of Williamsburg students who are just like you, students who have high expectations for their education, who have chosen a unique educational path, who are willing to work very hard, who want to be appreciated for their uniqueness not criticized for it, and who want to form true friendships with students who share similar values and a similar background.

At Williamsburg, you will be part of our “culture of belonging,” in which each student belongs and is valued for who she is.

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Want to meet some Williamsburg students?

We asked some students what they would say to others who are just learning about Williamsburg. They created some simple, authentic videos about their own “Williamsburg stories” and what it means to be a “Williamsburger.”

Kimberly's Williamsburg Story

Lake's Williamsburg Story

Erica's Williamsburg Story

Makenzie's Williamsburg Story

Wesleigh's Williamsburg Story

Sanneke's Williamsburg Story

Javed's Williamsburg Story

BriarRose's Williamsburg Story

Katelin's Williamsburg Story

Andre and Sergio's Williamsburg Stories