Student Testimonials

Williamsburg students (or “Burgers,” as they call themselves) come from diverse backgrounds and live all over the United States and Canada, with a few throughout the world. Most come from a homeschool or charter school background, and tend to want something more from their education than is typically afforded by traditional public education.

group of williamsburg students

Our students come from all walks of life to create an inspiring learning environment.

Before finding Williamsburg, many of our students felt like they were misunderstood by their peers because of their alternative educational path, which can feel very lonely. If you feel this way, you will probably be surprised when you become part of a whole community of Williamsburg students who are just like you, students who have high expectations for their education, who have chosen a unique educational path, who are willing to work very hard, who want to be appreciated for their uniqueness not criticized for it, and who want to form true friendships with students who share similar values and a similar background.

At Williamsburg, you will be part of our “culture of belonging,” in which each student belongs and is valued for who she is.

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Want to meet some Williamsburg students?

We asked some students what they would say to others who are just learning about Williamsburg. They created some simple, authentic videos about their own “Williamsburg stories” and what it means to be a “Williamsburger.”

Kimberly's Williamsburg Story

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Makenzie's Williamsburg Story

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Andre and Sergio's Williamsburg Stories

Zach H.

Williamsburg taught me how to think. It gave me a lens to look at the world. I look at the world differently than my peers. It gave me many opportunities to grow in being a leader which I have used when I came to college.

Steve B.

The biggest thing that Williamsburg has done for me that will help in college, and life in general, is pushing me nearly to my limits in working hard and balancing time between different priorities. Another very useful thing that my time as a burger has taught me is how to really think through issues and seeing both sides of a story, I have no doubt that this will prove to be a very useful tool in the future.

Ailana N.

Its leadership emphasis and personalized, passionate, attentive, knowledgeable teaching team makes Williamsburg Academy the extraordinary school that it is. Students are encouraged to support not only themselves and their interests, but that of their contemporaries, and the philosophy of “mentorship” over basic lecturing is in practice. Williamsburg healed many wounds I received during my time in traditional “dog-eat-dog” high school and helped propel me to my dream of studying at Harvard.

Kathryn P.

Cardston, AB, Canada

It’s a great program – very rigorous, and yet teachers are completely accessible for help and positive feedback

Susie S.

Moscow, ID

Attending Williamsburg has been a remarkable experience for my daughter. This has been an amazing journey for her. Although it has been incredibly challenging for her, she has risen to the challenge and learned so much about herself and what is she is capable of.

Maria B.

Columbia, MO

Williamsburg far exceeds any education system with how and what is taught. WA …is able to teach along side, arming our children with more than an education. They grow in knowledge.

Taylor H.

Saratoga Springs, UT

Williamsburg is fantastic! I’ve been attending classes since I was a freshman, and each year the classes got progressively more challenging – which is something you don’t find everywhere. Not only that, but I personally feel like the classes I took prepared me for things like the ACT and SAT and applying to colleges and so many other things! It’s an experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Lindsay M.

Wasilla, AK

Williamsburg taught me leadership skills and how to schedule my time. My days are so much more organized now that I can schedule everything out. My leadership skills have definitely come in handy, even for everyday things, like leading the lane in swim team. My life wouldn’t be the same at all without Williamsburg.

EmmaLee M.


I love Williamsburg because it is a safe and comfortable environment where I can learn alongside peers and mentors. I enjoy the fact that I can receive help from teachers and mentors when I have a problem. I also like the online classes. I love it that I can be in a class at home without worrying about excess noise from other students. I also like it that I can travel and still succeed in school, considering it is online and only requires a computer and internet for most to all assignments. I love Williamsburg because it is the school for me.

Katie B.


I love Williamsburg! It’s taught me so much! The projects and assignments are fun and engaging; I get to interact with and complete projects with my school mates, and learn how to be a better leader. Williamsburg is an awesome school that teaches excellently, and helps prepare us for life.

Isabella A.

Merced, CA

When I joined Williamsburg, I didn’t quite know what to expect, all online schools are different. What I found was a big group of mentors, students, and now my friends! Williamsburg helps develop social, leadership, and other skills. I love the way they teach, and it  really helps our education grow, and having us do cool  projects or suggest our own is really fun! Williamsburg is  helping me to have great memories in junior high!

Malorie R.


Williamsburg is a one-of-a-kind high school. It has pushed me in ways I didn’t think were possible, helped me find and strengthen my weaknesses, understand my full potential, and given me opportunities to grow that wouldn’t have been possible without Williamsburg.  I am so grateful I am able to participate in this school! Even though this school has made me struggle, yet in the long run, it has definitely been worth it.  I will never forget the many life and scholastic lessons Williamsburg has taught me and allowed me to discover for myself.

Spencer L.

Houston, TX

Williamsburg has the unique ability to mold to the individual and then grow not only the student, but also the person behind the student. No matter the type of student, each individual will be pushed to their limits, thereby developing their full potential both mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Williamsburg will shape how you think, what you choose to do, and whom you choose to become.

Cathryn F.

Gig Harbor, WA

[My two children] OWN their education, they LOVE what they are learning, and they are INSPIRED by their mentors at Williamsburg to do these hard things. They are developing skills that will serve them throughout their lives

Andrew G.

Williamsburg had a higher standard of learning. I felt that I was known personally by my mentors which enabled them to push me harder. College is stressful, hard, and wonderful; but I feel that at Williamsburg Academy I learned so much more. The education was holistic.

Wesley S.

Williamsburg provided me with an education based on high standards and high expectations from students. Like a college student, and unlike a typical high school student, I spent most of my study time outside of classes, reading and studying to advance my own education. I believe that the form by which Williamsburg Academy operated during my years there prepared me for college education by putting me in an environment where I took the primary role. I was responsible for my own education, while also being accountable to and regularly interacting with mentors and peers in a structured and rigorous pursuit of the course goals.