Learning Online at Williamsburg

Can you think of a time when you were very inspired to work hard on a project that you loved? You probably learned a lot from the project, and it was fun, meaningful, and a good challenge. At Williamsburg, we believe this is the ideal way to learn. We designed our own curriculum around this type of learning, and have found creative ways to bring this kind of learning to you online. Williamsburg has attracted a community of students and mentors who are authentic, passionate, talented, disciplined, and amazing. If Williamsburg is a fit for you, you’re going to love it.

student learning online

Our online model successfully gets students engaged in learning.

If you choose Williamsburg, you will need to tackle two big challenges. First, you will need to learn how to learn online. Rather than driving to a physical classroom, you will log in to an online classroom where you will see and communicate with your mentor and peers in a Skype-type environment. You will need to learn new technology systems and how to solve technology glitches, and you will need high-speed Internet and access to a good computer. Most important, you will need to be self-directed because nobody at Williamsburg is going to nag you or treat you like a little kid––your education will be up to you.

Your second big challenge will be rising to the challenge of Williamsburg courses. You will have a lot of reading and many assignments, and your mentors and peers will expect you to perform on new levels. To succeed, you will need to work very hard, leave your comfort zone, and learn to manage your time very well.

Not all students thrive in this kind of environment, so you should take our readiness assessment to see whether you are ready to learn online at Williamsburg.

Middle School Readiness Assessment

High School Readiness Assessment

Learning online at Williamsburg will prepare you well for a competitive future. Business, economics, education, and community are becoming increasingly virtual. Everyday technology takes more and more things “online.” At Williamsburg, you’ll develop a strong online presence, and learn to use technology fluidly so you can be capable and confident in your chosen life path.

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