High School Overview (OLD 2019)

Our high school program helps students become principled leaders who live meaningful lives. Our live and self-paced classes are highly engaging. Our mentors are caring and inspiring. Our curriculum unleashes the greatness in our students.

Our student-focused curriculum blends four elements:


Our high school program is built on educational freedom:

Freedom to take control of your family’s education

We believe that parents—not schools—are the leaders of each family’s education. Our program is designed to support parents who intentionally lead their families the best way they can. As your families’ strategic education partner, we provide encouragement, ideas, and coaching for parents to help them support their student’s success.

Flexibility for your family to live adventurously

Our program offers a rare flexibility that allows our families to learn in any location and under any circumstance (so long as they have an internet connection). Our students can participate in classes from home, while their family is traveling, or while they’re at their grandparents’ for the week. Our program’s flexibility encourages students to have enlightening, transformational experiences outside of the classroom.

Principles that make us free

We provide parents with the freedom necessary to live their family’s values. We also teach core values of leadership, ethics, and thinking that help students reach their great potential. This is accomplished in an intellectually and emotionally safe community of learning so that parents have the support they need to raise their students in the best environment.


Making connections in a culture of belonging

Williamsburg fosters meaningful connections with mentors, peers, family, community, and the world. Our students call themselves “burgers”, a spin-off of Williamsburger. They are a part of a national and international tribe of young people seeking to live meaningful lives as principled leaders.

Our curriculum encourages students to look beyond themselves and draw connections to their world. Through live class interactions with peers and mentors, students have boundless opportunities to expand their perception of the world. They learn from and converse with others who have had different experiences, hold differing opinions, and live lives that vary from their own.

Thriving: Living intentionally, not by default

Williamsburg teaches students the importance of finding purpose and living intentionally. Williamsburg teaches students to live by design, not by default; to claim their adventure; to hear their call to change and serve the world. Our students develop the habits, skills, and character needed to thrive and live intentional lives.

Living Values that bring purpose

Students’ beliefs matter, so we teach students the importance of living and discovering personal values by which they will stand. Students are challenged to identify and live according to the values they find important.

Williamsburg team members represent diverse spiritual, intellectual, and civic perspectives that have been strengthened by their range of experience. They are united by a tremendous set of core beliefs that inspire them to work together. This model inspires students to share an authentic optimism about the future and believe in their ability to impact it together.


Academic Success – The proof is in the pudding!

Our students score far higher than their public-school peers on the ACT/SAT and are demonstrably more successful in college. In 2014, we also won the “Platinum Award for Best Practices in Online Teaching” from the USDLA.

Over the past two years, Williamsburg Learning has been incredibly honored to have three of the National Honor Society Scholarship semifinalists among its graduating seniors. Over 25,000 of the nation’s best and brightest students apply for this prestigious scholarship. Out of these 25,000 students, only 300 are selected each year as National Semifinalists and earn a $1500 scholarship. While some states didn’t have a single student admitted to this prestigious circle of recipients, Williamsburg schools had three in the past two years. As one of the semifinalist’s mothers said, “the proof is in the pudding.”

Honors/Classic Tracks tailored to meet your student’s needs

Although we are known for having a rigorous program, we are also known for having a flexible program that can adapt to your child’s unique needs. As an example, we offer two tracks in our courses, Classics and Honors. Honors tracks have 25-30 percent more difficult assignments and readings than Classic tracks. These courses are specifically tailored to fulfilling each student’s needs without compromising the quality of our inspiring program.

Liberal Arts that teach students how to think, not what to think

We study the liberal arts by studying history’s great works of literature, art, and music. Our students engage in the “Great Conversation,” a dialogue that began in ancient history and continues to this day about the most meaningful and challenging questions in life.

The Great Conversation is open to all, but students have to be willing to do the hard work of studying the great books. The Great Books our students read have endured through history because they grapple with timeless questions. Great books make us think, learn, love, and live in deeper ways.

Project-based Program that challenges and inspires

Through hands-on, meaningful projects that meet real needs, students discover that their choices matter and that they are influential and important. This knowledge goes a long way towards pushing a student away from mindless apps or video game and towards a meaningful book or project. Projects are an important part of classroom and students’ study time. In every program, we use the following six methods of learning.


Leadership Courses to shape the world’s future leaders

Our leadership program is based around helping students live meaningful lives as principled leaders. We accomplish this by (1) developing executive skills, especially learning to manage time and energy, (2) developing and nurturing healthy relationships, and (3) living a life of authenticity and integrity.

These things are simple to understand but hard to do, so we have developed a sequence of popular leadership courses that help students learn, practice, and apply these principles of leadership to their daily lives.

Adventures and life experiences outside the classroom

Williamsburg Adventures (WAD), a sister company of Williamsburg Learning, offers our students opportunities to take adventure trips around the world. Our students have had adventures in places such as Nepal, Guatemala, and Europe. Our students also have the yearly opportunity to attend Elevation, a week-long adventure camp packed with nature, physical activity, and group-strengthening activities.

We are huge advocates for students experiencing adventures that stretch them to do things they never before thought possible. This is how they gain the skills necessary to impact the world.

Technology education that prepares for the workplace

We teach our students the technological skills necessary to progress in today’s technology-driven culture. Using technology in our program allows us to effectively deliver information, rapidly adapt our program, and individually cater to student needs. Combine this with the personal touch of our engaging classes, and something magical happens.

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