Biology A

What are the building blocks of life that make us who we are?

Why Take This Course?

Discover the buildings blocks of life in Biology A.

Discover the buildings blocks of life in Biology A.

What do all living things have in common? How do plants make energy and provide oxygen? Do organisms make energy without sunlight? What makes an organism a plant? How do cells create other cells? What is meiosis? Who is Gregor Mendel and why do we care? How are genetic diseases passed on to offspring? In Biology A we will learn what life is, how much we know about it, and how much we still have to learn. We will marvel together at the wonder and variety that is life and prepare to delve deeper into life here on Earth in Biology B.

Course Framework

Unit 1Unit 2Unit 3Unit 4Unit 5
What are the building blocks of life? How do cells function and get energy?How do cells reproduce?What did Mendel learn about how are different characteristics inherited?How does my DNA help determine who I am?
What is biology and what rules must I follow when studying biology?How do cells interact with their environments?What is mitosis and why is it important?What did Mendel teach us about genetics?How does DNA carry and distribute genetic information?
What are the basic elements of biology?What is metabolism in a cell?What is meiosis and why is it important?What are some important aspects of human genetics?What is biotechnology and how is it beneficial?
What are the parts of a cell and what do they do?What is respiration in a cell?How is RNA used to make proteins?
How do cells perform photosynthesis?

Texts and Materials Students Must Purchase

Sam KeanThe Violinist’s Thumb: And Other Lost Tales of Love, War, and Genius, as Written by Our Genetic Code


  • Recommended Grade: 10th (Sophomore)
  • Prerequisites: High School Math 1B, High School Math 1B - (recommended, not required)
  • Versions & Estimated Weekly Hours: 7*
  • Format: Live / Self-paced
  • Credits: 0.5

*Science students spend at least one hour a day learning science and completing science assignments, plus two hours a week in live class sessions

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