Pre-Calculus B

How do I use math to explain my world?

Pre-Calculus B prepares students for advanced math classes in college.

Pre-Calculus B prepares students for advanced math classes in college.

Why Take This Course?

Calculus is the mathematical reasoning that we use to describe the change. It is the reason that we were able to fly to the moon and back. It is used in business to make economic predictions. It is used to maximize the effectiveness of various systems and it has many other applications. In PreCalculus B, we will study two classical texts that defined the history of mathematics, specifically in the field of calculus. We will also study matrices and statistics during the course of this semester.

Course Framework

Unit 1Unit 2Unit 3Unit 4
How can I use the definitions of conic sections to derive their standard equations?How can I discover the foundational ideas of calculus by reading classical texts?How are matrices used to design and animate cartoon characters?How can I use statistics to describe and understand my world?
How can I derive the equation of a parabola?How can I use convergence to prove that curves are similar?How can I add and subtract matrices?How can I calculate the expected value?
How can I write the standard equation of circle?How are spaces covered and the times during which they are covered related in orbital paths?How can I multiply matrices to transform shapes?How can I use the expected value to make wise decisions?
How can I derive the equation of a hyperbola?What is a limit?How can I find the inverse and determinant of a matrix?
How can I derive the equation of an ellipse?How can I find the limits of advanced functions?How can I use matrices to animate a shape?

Texts and Materials Students Must Purchase

  • Treatise on Conic Sections, Apollonius of Perga (Provided)
  • The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy , Newton, Isaac
  • Students must create an account in Khan Academy and add Williamsburg Academy as their coach.
  • Students taking the self-paced or independent version of this course do not need to purchase any texts or materials.


  • Recommended Grade: 11th (Junior), 12th (Senior)
  • Prerequisites: Pre-Calculus A
  • Versions & Estimated Weekly Hours: 7*
  • Format: Live / Self-Paced / Independent
  • Credits: 0.5

*Math students will spend four hours in live workshops with a mentor or tutor and an estimated 30 minutes a day practicing math.

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