College Leadership

How can I gain admission to the colleges of my choice?

Why Take This Course?

College Leadership Course

Our students are prepared to apply to colleges and college life.

Most students navigate the winding road of college admissions blindly, with the cruise control on, the radio blasting and no road map. Students often choose the close-and-cheap community college or the best-ranked college into which they have been admitted, regardless of how closely tailored either program is to their individual needs. These students don’t realize how important it is to research the options and implications; nor do they realize the extent to which the decisions they make about college will affect the rest of their lives.

In this Leadership course you will learn how to avoid these mistakes. As part of your leadership project in this course, you’ll perform research that helps you clearly see the college life landscape, identify the admission requirements so you have clear mile-markers, learn the most common road hazards to watch for along the way, and take away a clear road map for successful admission that includes a memorable application and improved test scores.

Course Framework

Unit 1Unit 2Unit 3Unit 4
How can I achieve my target test score on the ACT or SAT?Should I attend college?

If so, when?
Where should I attend college?How can I be admitted to and afford the college of my choice?
How can I earn competitive test scores?Should I attend college? What other options exist?What are my talents? What am I passionate about doing? What subjects might I be interested in studying in college?If I am admitted to the college of my choice, what would be the total cost of my college experience, per year?
Should I take the ACT or SAT?How are colleges generally successful at preparing graduates for the job market? Where are colleges failing?How should I choose a major?How might I finance my college experience?
Where do I currently stand? What is my current score on the ACT or SAT?What amazing sources of free college-level courses might I consider instead of or in addition to college?What are my personal priorities, pertaining to college?Is the college of my choice a good "fit" for me? What are my chances of being admitted?
When should I take the ACT or SAT?Is college the right option for my life path?What kinds of colleges are available?What is the process of being admitted to college - including the role of the admissions committee, the purpose and parts of a college application, and the myths and truths about college admissions?
What is my target score on the ACT or SAT? What tools can help me improve my score?Can I successfully lead myself in college?How should I create an initial list of colleges? How can I narrow down my list?How can I craft a competitive college application?
What is my test score improvement plan? How will I improve my English score? Science score (ACT only)? Reading score? Math score?What is it like to be a freshman in college? What are the common pitfalls for college freshmen? How can I avoid these pitfalls?Which colleges are ?selective?? Into which do I have a good chance of being admitted?How can I make my transcript competitive?
What test-taking strategies will help me achieve my target score?How can I maximize my time spent in college classes to learn the most?What should I look for when visiting the campus of a college I may attend?How can I craft effective and meaningful application essays, including a personal statement?
What are my test-taking strengths and weaknesses? How can I leverage my strengths and compensate for my weaknesses?Can I get into college?How can I create a killer resum‚? How should I secure excellent recommendations?
How can I use my time effectively on each section?Should I attend college early? What are the pros and cons?What is a college interview, and how can I give a great interview if I am invited to do so?
Should I plan to transfer from one college to another?What should I do after I am admitted to the college of my choice?

Texts and Materials Students Must Purchase

Robin Mamlet and Christine VandeveldeCollege Admission: From Application to Acceptance, Step By Step
ACTThe Real ACT Prep Guide 2018 Edition (3rd edition works too) - Only required if planning on taking the ACT
BestSelf Co.SELF Journal (one per semester, live class only)


  • Recommended Grade: 11th (Junior)
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Versions & Estimated Weekly Hours: 5*
  • Format: Live
  • Credits: 0.5
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