The Beauty of Music

How does performing, composing, analyzing, and listening to music improve the quality of my personal life, my relationships, and my culture?

Why Take This Course?

The Beauty of Music

increase your appreciation of music in The Beauty of Music.

Music has the potential to influence souls in a way that words cannot, and yet few of us use it effectively. We study how to think more clearly, speak more eloquently, and write more persuasively. We learn about numbers and their significance when it comes to economics and history, architecture and science. But when we think of “music,” often we think of it only in the extremes of entertainment or the mundane: of going to see a favorite band or practicing an instrument.

In this online Fine Arts class we will learn how to perform music, compose music, evaluate the music of others, and incorporate music culturally both broadly and individually. We will immerse ourselves in the stories of the lives of great composers, in the music that shaped them and the world, and we will discuss what it really means to appreciate music. And with that as a backdrop, we will be armed with the knowledge necessary to answer the question, How does performing, composing, analyzing, and listening to music improve the quality of my personal life, my relationships, and my culture?


Course Framework

Unit 1Unit 2Unit 3Unit 4
How can I perform music using my body, my voice, and other instruments?How can I improve my ability to compose and to improvise music?How can I expand my musical vocabulary, my listening skills, my analysis, and my evaluation of music?How does music increase my joy in life, in tradition, in culture, in history, in relationships, and in personal growth?
How do we define music and why is it valuable to humans?In what way will we approach composing music--especially for those who have never composed before?What is the value of musical critique and how does one do it effectively?What are the foundations of Western Music and what did they sound like?
How does singing happen and how is it done well?What are rhythm and beat and how can they be represented by writing symbols?What are key elements to be aware of when critiquing Rock and Roll?How did Western Music generally develop since the 1700s and what did the music sound like along the way?
What can be done with the voice in addition to singing?What are ties, triplets and rests and how are they notated?What is my approach to these rock songs and their musical contributions?How can the history of music help us better understand music now?
Without the voice, how can the human body be used to make music?How can the symbols of dots and dashes be translated to traditional rhythmic notation?Who was J.S. Bach and what were his significant contributions to the development of Western music?How does religion connect to music?
What are string instruments and how do they work?What is a time signature and what does it indicate in musical notation?What aspects should be considered when evaluating Rap and Hip Hop?What is the relationship between world politics and music?
What makes a string player truly great?How does the composition process work for me?Who was Mozart and how can critics evaluate his music?How have American politics and music become entwined over the years and what insights have great thinkers offered about music?
What are woodwind instruments and how do they work? What is rhythm and texture in music?How can I compose a piece that includes a melody?What is important to notice when listening to opera?How can music from our youth influence our entire lives?
What are brass instruments and how do they work?How does a composer use repetition, patterns, variation, intervals, modes, and harmony in composing music?What aspects are important to observe when listening to Beethoven's music?What can we learn from evaluating our own musical autobiographies?
What are percussion instruments and how do they work?How can a composer use dynamics, accent, and sustain to enhance expression in a composition?How can one effectively evaluate Country Music?What is the value of music from other cultures and what does a music therapist do?
What is expression and form in music?What are practical steps for composing a song?What was the purpose and approach to 20th Century Music and how does that influence the process of criticizing music from this genre?What can we learn from delving deeply into the music of other cultures?
What instruments fall outside the typical categories and what impact do they have on humans musically?How can I compose and perform an original piece of music?What elements are important in successful Musical Theatre?
What is the impact on me and others when I perform for others?How does a good critic approach Jazz music?

Texts and Materials Students Must Purchase

  • None. All resources are provided.


  • Recommended Grade: 9th (Freshman), 10th (Sophomore), 11th (Junior), 12th (Senior)
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Versions & Estimated Weekly Hours: 4
  • Format: Self-paced
  • Credits: 0.5
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