Introduction to Culinary Arts

Over our lifetimes, we will spend huge amounts of time eating food. Sometimes we eat because we need energy, sometimes we eat because we’re bored, and sometimes we eat to spend time with people we care about. If we spend so much time preparing and eating food, why not learn to share your skills with others?

This course will teach the basic fundamentals required to start working in a commercial kitchen and gain experience as you explore and establish your talents for cooking and preparing food in a creative, safe way. The knowledge gained in this course will include not only cooking experience but the skills needed to work professionally in the foodservice industry.

Course Framework

Unit 1: The History and Development of the Food Service Industry
Unit 2: Food, People, and Society
Unit 3: Basic Nutrition
Unit 4: Culinary Arts Safety
Unit 5: Laws and Regulations Governing Food Service
Unit 6: Fundamental Skills in Culinary Arts
Unit 7: Careers in the Culinary Arts Industry
Unit 8: Becoming Employable in the Culinary Arts Industry
Unit 9: Finding a Job in the Culinary Arts Industry
Unit 10: Opening a Restaurant
Unit 11: Marketing a Restaurant
Unit 12: Managing a Restaurant


  • Recommended Grade: 9th (Freshman), 10th (Sophomore), 11th (Junior), 12th (Senior)
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Versions & Estimated Weekly Hours: 5
  • Format: Self-Paced
  • Credits: 0.5
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