Fashion & Interior Design

Do you have a flair for fashion? Are you constantly redecorating your room? If so, the design industry might be for you! In this course, you’ll explore what it is like to work in the industry by exploring career possibilities and the background needed to pursue them. Get ready to try your hand at designing as you learn the basics of color and design then test your skills through hands-on projects.

By the time students complete this course, they will have a grasp of basic design principles, a working history of the fashion and interior design industries, and a great start to a portfolio of their own. Note that a sewing machine will be required for fashion projects.

Course Framework

Unit 1: Introduction to Fashion and Interior Design
Unit 2: Building Basic Skills for the Design Industry
Unit 3: Tools of the Trade
Unit 4: Sewing and Technology
Unit 5: Clothing
Unit 6: Fashion Design Project
Unit 7: Interior and Environmental Design
Unit 8: Considering Interior Design
Unit 9: Interior Design Project
Unit 10: Presenting as a Professional


  • Recommended Grade: 9th (Freshman), 10th (Sophomore), 11th (Junior), 12th (Senior)
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Versions & Estimated Weekly Hours: 5
  • Format: Self-Paced
  • Credits: 0.5
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