Complete High School Course List


Program Overview
Personal Leadership A (Includes Ed Tech)
Personal Leadership B (Includes Fit for Life)
Social Leadership A
Social Leadership B
College Leadership
Financial Leadership
Humanitarian Leadership

Social Studies

Program Overview
U.S. History A
U.S. History B
Government & Econ A
Government & Econ B
World Civilizations
Geography & World Events

Language Arts

Program Overview
American Literature A
American Literature B
Political Literature
Short Stories
World Literature A
World Literature B
Journalism 1
Journalism 2


Program Overview
Pre-Algebra A
Pre-Algebra B
High School Math 1A
High School Math 1B
High School Math 2A
High School Math 2B
Geometry A
Geometry B
High School Math 3A
High School Math 3B
Pre-Calculus A
Pre-Calculus B
Independent Math Courses
Algebra 1A
Algebra 1B
Algebra 2A
Algebra 2B


Program Overview
Earth Science A
Earth Science B
Biology A
Biology B
Chemistry A
Chemistry B
Physics A
Physics B
Astronomy A
Astronomy B


Program Overview
Writing & Rhetoric A
Writing & Rhetoric B
Writing & Rhetoric A (Honors)
Writing & Rhetoric B (Honors)

Fine Arts

Program Overview
Guitar Revolution
The Beauty of Music
Theater A
Theater B
Independent Fine Arts

PE & Health

Program Overview
Fitness for Life
Mind & Body Stewardship
Independent PE


Program Overview
Second Language
High School Study Skills
Independent Electives
Concepts of Engineering & Technology
Marine Science
International Business
Law & Order
Fashion & Interior Design
Introduction to Culinary Arts
Python Progamming I
Python Progamming II
Python Progamming III
Web Development I
Web Development II
Adobe Photoshop

Outdoor Program

Elevation Outdoor Course