Language Arts Program Overview

Our Approach

Our Language Arts courses are built around compelling and meaningful works of literature, including novels and poetry. Our courses give life and meaning to informational texts, language, speaking, and writing assignments by contextualizing them with those great works of literature that hold particular appeal for students who are high school age.

student reading from great books collection

Our language arts courses challenges our students by helping them read and understand great works of literature.

We believe great literature is the most compelling way to learn about the rules of human nature and our own humanity. The stories and literary constructs themselves have value, but what happens to our own souls as we immerse ourselves in classical literature is of greatest value. As we learn to identify themes, character development, symbolism and cause-and-effect in literature, we become more skilled at recognizing them in our own daily lives. As we experience the successes and sorrows of memorable characters, we equip ourselves with the courage and understanding necessary to move forward in our own stories.

For us, literature is intimately connected to history because, for instance, there is no better way to learn about Ancient Greece than reading Aeschylus and Sophocles. So it is ideal if students can take U.S. History in conjunction with American Literature, World History with World Literature and Government with Political Literature and Short Stories.

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Courses Recommended Grade Credit Delivery Format Versions Prerequisites
American Literature A 10th (Sophomore) 0.5 Live/Self-Paced Classic None
American Literature B 10th (Sophomore) 0.5 Live / Self-Paced Classic None
Political Literature 11th (Junior) 0.5 Live/Self-Paced Classic None
Short Stories 11th (Junior) 0.5 Live/Self-Paced Classic None
World Literature A 12th (Senior) 0.5 Live/Self-Paced Classic None
World Literature B 12th (Senior) 0.5 Live/Self-Paced Classic None