Grades 6 & 7

For 6th and 7th graders in our Leadership, STEM, Math, and Humanities courses, we offer a rotating two-year curriculum in which we focus on the A/B rotation one year and the C/D rotation the next. Students in 6th and 7th grades can be found in the same classroom, each being challenged at their own level. We do this through mastery-based projects, personalized learning targets and project options that allow students to cater to their unique interests, strengths, and needs.

online middle school student playing a math game

6th and 7th grade courses encourage a love of learning through fun projects and thinking games.

The core online middle school courses we offer in the 6th/7th grades are Leadership, STEM, Math, and Humanities. Each of these courses are comprised of corresponding subjects, such as technology and engineering within the STEM course, and Social Studies and Literature within Humanities. These core classes cover all the key writing targets necessary for this age group, but we strongly encourage students to take a supplemental writing course in our self-paced writing program.

While the courses we offer each year remain the same, the curriculum, projects and literature change depending on the rotation. For students in the 6th/7th grade stream, it does not matter which year of the rotation students take first.  A seventh grader can take one year of our 6th/7th grade rotating curriculum, then move into our 8th grade curriculum without having been enrolled at WA for both years of the 6th/7th grade stream. The rigorous curriculum, variety of projects and project levels, and optional supplemental assignments are designed to meet the needs of any 11–13 year old student who is ready for WA.

If your student needs more than one year before being ready for high school, enrolling in the 6th/7th grade rotation is the best choice.

Course NameCreditsSemesterDelivery Method
Leadership 6/7 C| 6/7 D2 (1 per semester)Fall & WinterLive
Humanities 6/7 C|6/7 D2 (1 per semester)Fall & WinterLive
STEM 6/7 C*|6/7 D*2 (1 per semester)Fall & WinterLive
6th Grade Math A|B OR 7th Grade Math A|B1 (.5 per semester)Fall & WinterLive
Typing and Tech or other elective1 (.5 per semester)Fall & WinterLive
Writing 6A|6B OR
Writing 7A|7B
2 (.5 per semester)Fall & WinterSelf-Paced