Grade 12 (Senior)

Your Senior year is designed to be the capstone of your Williamsburg experience. During this year, you will acquire a deep sense for who you are, strengthen your drive for lifelong learning, and internalize a form of humility that inspires you to find and accept the truth, even when it is uncomfortable, and even when it invites you to change. These skills and attributes will prepare you to live a life of meaning in college and beyond.

Our senior online high school courses help our students graduate as the best people they can be.

Our seniors finish their high school education ready to live meaningful lives.

From a practical perspective, your Senior year is a time when you will need to juggle several important projects at once. Therefore, we have crafted the Senior year to be a time when you will:

  1. Take some of the most advanced and rigorous courses Williamsburg offers
  2. Have space for Electives and Fine Arts courses so you can take the courses you’ve been dying to take
  3. Have sufficient free time to focus on graduation, college admissions, saving money for college, and other senior concerns, depending on how well you choose to manage your time throughout the year

If you have completed the recommended online courses in previous years, you will have already completed HS Math 2 and 3 and earned three credits of science by your Senior year. If this is the case, you are not required to take math or science this year! You have the option to take Pre-calculus and another advanced science course, but this is not required. Some of this space freed up in your schedule will be consumed by World Civilizations, Geography & World Events, and World Literature, which are all very demanding courses. These courses are designed specifically for seniors: they will ask you difficult questions, some of which may take you a lifetime to answer; they will challenge you to discover and apply new, and sometimes uncomfortable, truths to your life; they will give you the opportunity to discover the world with your Senior classmates in a deep and meaningful way. In Mind & Body Stewardship, you will learn about your own unique mind and body, and how to care for them throughout your life.

When you finish your Senior year, you will be surprised how much you have grown, developed, and changed over the past two semesters and over your high school experience, and you will have lifelong friends with whom you have experienced a life-changing journey.

Course Name CreditsSemesterDelivery Method
Pre-Calculus A/B (optional)1.0 (0.5 per semester)Fall & WinterLive, Self-paced
World Civilizations0.5 creditFall Live
Geography & World Events0.5 creditWinterLive
World Literature A/B (LA 12) or Journalism 1/21.0 (0.5 per semester)Fall & WinterLive
Elevation (0.5) or
Independent PE (0.5)
0.5 creditFall & WinterLive, Self-paced
Any two Fine Arts courses1.0 (0.5 per semester)Fall & WinterLive, Self-paced
Any two Electives courses1.0 (0.5 per semester)Fall & WinterLive, Self-paced
Mind & Body Stewardship0.5 creditFall or WinterSelf-paced