Grade 11 (Junior)

Our online courses for juniors at Williamsburg Academy are designed to help you engage in advanced scholarship as you learn about complex systems that govern the world and will impact your life. You will learn about the harmony and complexity inherent in advanced math and physical sciences. As you complete these courses, all your work to establish good study habits in math and science will pay off.

Williamsburg junior copying notes off a laptop

Juniors learn though assignments and classes how to be principled leaders.

In Government & Economics, you will learn about the foundations and systems of human governance, with an emphasis on the U.S. Constitution and America’s free-market system of economics. In Political Literature and Short Stories, you will learn about the human condition so that you can appreciate the humanity that undergirds all of the systems you’ll study this year.

In College Leadership, you’ll learn all about the college system. You’ll perform research that helps you identify the college experience that is the best fit for you, and you’ll prepare yourself to be admitted to the colleges of your choice by creating a competitive application and securing the necessary test scores. In Financial Leadership, you will learn about the modern financial system, and you will learn to develop a healthy relationship with money.

In short, your Junior year will invite you to become a more advanced scholar as you learn about the complex systems in our world that will deeply influence your life. It will also invite you to develop strategies for interacting with these systems in a way that harmonizes with the vision and goals you have for your own life.

Course Name CreditsSemesterDelivery Method
HS Math 3 A/B*1.0 (0.5 per semester)Fall & WinterLive, Self-paced
Chemistry A/B, Physics A/B, or Astronomy A/B1.0 (0.5 per semester)Fall & WinterLive, Self-paced
Government & Economics A/B1.0 (0.5 per semester)Fall & WinterLive, Self-paced
Political Literature (LA 11A)0.5 creditFall Live, Self-paced
Short Stories (LA 11B)0.5 creditWinterLive
College Leadership0.5 creditFall Live
Financial Leadership0.5 creditWinterLive
Any two Elective courses1.0 creditFall or WinterLive, Self-paced