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Nature is an indispensable teacher for youth. Elevation Outdoor Course takes us out of our day-to-day activities and places us in direct contact with mentors, peers, and the natural environment, causing us to engage in introspection and ponder the meaning of life. We often come away from activities in nature with a deepened sense of our own existence and a more profound respect for life.
Elevation created a fun and unique atmosphere that encouraged my fellow peers, and I, to open up and be ourselves without the stress or worry of being judged by others.” -- Student
Nature also has a perfect accountability system. It does not bend to our whims. It will produce abundantly if nurtured, but it refuses to be coerced.

Nature teaches us the importance of physical and mental preparation, and it helps us develop the ability to rapidly adapt to changes. In natural environments the consequences of one’s choices are immediate. 

Multi-day backpacking treks, rock climbs, canyoneering expeditions, and rappels have a way of bringing out students’ natural leadership abilities. They learn to be responsible for the food, water, physical safety, and emotional health of themselves and others. They get used to high-risk situations and learn to perform under pressure. Their endurance, physical and mental strength, balance and agility are tested and enhanced. 

They also gain insight into their lives and relationships during guided solo time in nature, away from other students and far away from iPods, make-up, video games and cell phones.
My son came home saying that he doesn't feel alone anymore." -- Parent
Elevation is open enrollment, subject to the following guidelines:

1. Students must be between 14 and 18 years old by the end of the academic year.

2. Students must be in a state of sound mental, physical and emotional health, and be prepared for vigorous physical activity. If you have questions about physical readiness, email peter@williamsburglearning.com

3. Students who wish to participate in May Elevation sessions must complete two or more high school courses during Winter Semester, and students who want to participate in August Elevation must be enrolled in two or more high school courses for Fall Semester. Exceptions are granted on a case-by-case basis; inquire by applying below.

Note that for purposes of this requirement, May Elevation is part of Winter Semester, and August Elevation is part of Fall Semester. Students do not need to take summer courses to participate in Elevation.
If you are a current student, you can register for Elevation Outdoor Course like you do any other Williamsburg Learning course. For more information on registering, click here.

If you're not a Williamsburg student but are interested in attending, please apply below.
Students may earn 0.5 PE credit (per session) by attending and fully participating.
Cost is $440 per student. We are unable to offer volume discounts for families with multiple students attending.
This is a program that will help my children grow into adult leaders, knowing who they are and how to impact the lives of others through inspiration, dedication, service and confidence." -- Parent
MAY 8-12, 2017 (FULL)
MAY 15 -19, 2017 (FULL)
JULY 31 - AUG 4, 2017
Apply for the Elevation Outdoor Course by filling out the form below.
Elevation is my home. When I'm at Elevation, I can feel the culture of belonging. It's so real. Everyone there is so supportive, and every conversation I have is meaningful. My favorite thing about Elevation is how accepting everyone is and the connections that I've made." -- Student
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