Weekly Parent Email – September 30, 2022

September 30, 2022

Williamsburg Academy has a core purpose of creating Transformational Learning Experiences (TLEs) for students. We build our curriculum and focus our teaching practices on helping students become the most powerful, authentic versions of themselves.

I love reading the many TLEs submitted by Williamsburg students, and wanted to share one that really impacted me this week:

“My mentor has a way of making me see the world in a way that I haven’t seen it before. During class, we talked about shame and how it affects us, and how much it plays into the facades we put up for ourselves. I’ve heard the idea before, but the way that he put it was seriously transformational. To realize that I’m not the only one who puts up a facade, and to hear my mentor explain how and why, really helped my perspective. My mentor’s words, along with my classmates’ comments, helped me feel less shame, more able, and like I can look outside myself more”.

This TLE from one of our students is the heart of our purpose: to teach students ‘how’ to think, and not ‘what’ to think. Thank you for helping us create these kinds of experiences for your student!


Ross Gilbert

Headmaster, Williamsburg Academy


Upcoming Events

October 6: Inspiration Hour – 3:00 PM MT (Find details in Homeroom)

October 7: All pre-midterm assignments from live classes are due before 9:00 PM MT

October 10: Study Day – No Class

October 11-12: Midterms – No Class

October 12: All pre-midterm assignments from self-paced classes as well as all midterms are due before 5:00 PM MT

October 13-14: Fall Break – No Class, Offices Closed