Weekly Parent Email – September 25, 2020

September 25, 2020

Has your student or family experienced a TLE at Williamsburg Academy this week? A TLE, or Transformational Learning Experience, helps students change the way they view themselves or the world in a profound way. If you or your student has had a TLE, please share it here! We love hearing about the great experiences our students have in the classroom or on adventures with their classmates.

Also, we’re looking forward to getting to know you better during Parent-Mentor Conferences next week! Please read below for more details and other updates for the week ahead.


Anya Yeager

Executive Director, Williamsburg Academy


Action Items

Sign up now for email Parent-Mentor Updates or live-online Parent-Mentor Conferences! These are being held from September 29-October 7. 

  • If you’re happy with your student’s progress but still want a personal update from their mentor, request a PMU. The mentor will send you a detailed email describing how your student is doing and informing you of any concerns by October 7.
  • If you have a specific concern or in-depth question regarding one of your student’s courses, sign up for a PMC. These are 10-15 minute online meetings with the course mentor to get personalized insights on your student’s performance.


Did your student miss Inspiration Hour last week? Check Canvas to watch a recording of last week’s discussion on “How to Be a Top Student.”

Upcoming Burger Meets: We have several Burger Meets scheduled in Arizona, California, and Utah. More information is available on the Burger Meets page in Homeroom. 

Williamsburg Learning swag will be on sale from September 28-30. Everything is up to 35% off—that makes classic tees only $13! Check out our school swag store if your student wants to show off their school pride.


Upcoming Events

Today: High school Inspiration Hour at 1:00 PM MT – “The Scenario Matrix” with Liliana Owen

Today: Special Event at 6:00 PM MT – “Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do” – YouTuber Shadiversity gives tips and advice for pursuing your dreams. Find the link on the Announcements page in Homeroom.

September 29-October 7: Parent Mentor Updates and Parent Mentor Conferences. We encourage you to sign up now!

October 2: High school Inspiration Hour at 1:00 PM MT – “Vulnerability Workshop” 

October 2: Middle school First Friday Game Night at 6:00 PM MT with Ms. Reeder 

October 9: Last day to submit pre-midterm assignments (deadline is 9:00 PM MT)