Weekly Parent Email – September 24, 2021

September 24, 2021

I recently received this parent feedback through one of our surveys:

 “Williamsburg Learning is an integral support system for our children’s education. By attending a Williamsburg school, my children are able to meet accreditation requirements which allow them to progress easily into higher education opportunities. Williamsburg also aligns with our family’s core principles which supports our children’s learning goals, personal growth goals, and leadership development. I like to think of Williamsburg as an extension of our family and an unrestricted place for learning.”

 It means so much to us to get this feedback and to be a part of your family’s journey.


Anya Yeager

Executive Director, Williamsburg Academy 



Important information regarding Student Clubs: Students must request to be added to a club though the Student Clubs page in Homeroom. We also require parent permission. To give your student permission to join a club, please complete this form. Click here to learn more about current student clubs.


Upcoming Events

October 1: Inspiration Hour at 1:00 PM MT 

October 1: First Friday Game Night at 6:00 PM MT with Ms. Mitchell 

October 7: National Honors Society Induction Ceremony at 6:00 PM MT

October 8: Deadline for all live course pre-midterm assignments at 9:00 PM MT