Weekly Parent Email – January 14, 2022

January 14, 2022

Here at Williamsburg, we live by and reinforce what we refer to as our elevated ethics. These ethics are build, serve, go first, and respect.

  • Build: I build others because I want them to succeed. I build myself by doing hard things.
  • Serve: I use my time and energy for the benefit of others.
  • Go first: I am a leader. Leadership is making and keeping commitments.
  • Respect: I treat others with humility and humanity.

These principles excite me. It excites me to include them in my own life, and it excites me that our students get to learn about them and receive support from mentors and classmates while doing so. How are you implementing these principles in your life and in your family? How can these elevated ethics benefit your life?

As we start a new semester, I hope this reminder of our core principles inspires you!


Anya Yeager

Executive Director, Williamsburg Academy


Upcoming Events

Today: Student Body Presidency Hour at 1:00 PM MT

January 17: Martin Luther King Jr. Day – No Class, Office Closed 

January 21: Inspiration Hour at 1:00 PM MT

January 31-February 4: Parent Mentor Conferences – Sign-ups coming soon