Affordable Options & Payment Plans

Payment Options

Choose between two payment timelines:

  • Pay in full at time of registration.
  • Spread total tuition over as many equal monthly payments as you like, up through the last month of the last semester for which you’re registering, with the first payment at time of registration. For example, if you’re registering in April 2017 for Fall 2017 Semester and Winter 2018 Semester classes, you can spread your payments over up to 14 months (April 2017 – May 2018) since the last semester’s last month is May 2018 (Winter Semester 2018). On the other hand, if you’re only registering for the Fall 2017 Semester, you can only spread your payments over nine months because the Fall Semester ends in December (April 2017 – December 2017).  If you come back later and register for additional classes, you will be asked if you want to erase your old scheduled payments and create a new schedule that includes your existing and new enrollments.
student studying at the table with family after affordable payment options

Williamsburg works to make a quality education as affordable as possible for your family.

Choose your preferred payment method:

  • Credit/debit card: Using a card, you may pay in full or create a payment schedule. Your first payment will be charged at the time of registration. You can select the day of the month on which your subsequent monthly payments will be automatically charged. There is no additional cost for spreading payments, as long as you pay on time.
  • Check: Payment by this method is due in full within 10 calendar days from the day of registration.
  • If a payment is declined because of insufficient funds, expired card, address mismatch, or any other reason, our system will alert you via email, and add a $25 administration fee per declined transaction to your balance. If you contact us within 5 business days to resolve the declined payment, we will remove the $25 fee.
  • Third party: We work with many school districts, charter schools, scholarship funds and other programs that purchase our courses for their students. See our Charter Schools & Districts page for more information.


We strive to make our courses affordable and high quality. There are certainly less expensive courses available online. Our goal is not to be the cheapest online school. It is to be the best online school available. We know that family budgets can be tight and that a full Williamsburg schedule is not the right path for some students. Here are a few suggestions on how to get the most out of our programs.

  • Take a Leadership course. Our 6–8 leadership courses and 9–12 leadership courses are uniquely practical and inspiring. Over the past 6 years we have developed and refined a sequence of inspiring and practical leadership courses that many families report are life-changing. Few things will bring students more meaning in life than learning to effectively manage time and energy, nurture healthy relationships, and form a healthy understanding of and relationship with money.
  • Take a Social Studies / Language Arts combo (grades 9–12). Our Social Studies and Language Arts courses work in tandem. Although it’s only two courses, a Social Studies / Language Arts combo can form a central pillar of a student’s education in a given semester or year. For example, around the time students study Transcendentalism in U.S. History, they read Emerson in American Lit.
  • Take Leadership plus a STEM or Humanities course (grades 6–8). Our middle school courses are even more integrated than our high school courses, so when a student takes a Humanities course, she will learn history, literature, writing, and more. Students who take a STEM course will learn about science, technology, a bit of engineering, and math. Because of the needs of this age group, and the support students receive in our Leadership courses for grades 6–8, we require students taking STEM or Humanities to also take a Leadership course, or receive an exemption from the Director of the Middle School Program.
  • Take a fill-in-the-gaps course. Many of our students have great academic strengths, with a few glaring academic weaknesses. Some students might find it advantageous to take a fill-in-the-gap course or two this year, such as:
  • Take something simple, fun, or related to your interests. For example:

If you have any questions, please contact us.